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2022 Compare Cities Economy:
Los Angeles, CA vs Phoenix, AZ

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- Household income in Phoenix, is 4% less than it is in Los Angeles and is 11% below the National Average.
- Los Angeles unemployment rate is 10.6%.
- Phoenix unemployment rate is 6.6%.

 Los Angeles, CAPhoenix, AZUnited States
 Unemployment Rate10.6%6.6%6.0%
 Recent Job Growth0.7%3.3%1.6%
 Future Job Growth34.6%48.2%33.5%
 Sales Taxes9.5%8.6%6.2%
 Income Taxes8.0%3.4%4.6%
 Income per Cap.$31,563$26,528$31,177
 Household Income$54,501$52,080$57,652
 Family Median Income$61,092$60,013$70,850
 Est. Households By Income
 Los Angeles, CAPhoenix, AZUnited States
 Income Less Than 15K13.8%12.5%11.5%
 Income between 15K and 20K5.4%4.9%4.8%
 Income between 20K and 30K10.2%10.7%9.7%
 Income between 30K and 40K9.1%10.2%9.3%
 Income between 40K and 50K8.0%9.6%8.5%
 Income between 50K and 60K6.9%8.5%7.7%
 Income between 60K and 75K8.9%10.1%9.9%
 Income between 75K and 100K10.7%11.4%12.3%
 Income between 100K and 150K12.8%12.3%14.1%
 Income between 150K and 200K5.9%4.7%5.8%
 Income greater than 200K8.3%5.0%6.3%
 Population By Occupation
 Los Angeles, CAPhoenix, AZUnited States
 Management, business, finance14.3%14.8%15.1%
 Engineering, computers, science4.2%4.9%5.6%
 Community, social services1.4%1.8%1.7%
 Education, library4.7%4.4%6.0%
 Arts, design, media, sports, entertainment6.6%1.7%2.0%
 Healthcare practitioners and technology4.3%4.9%5.9%
 Healthcare support1.8%2.0%2.4%
 Firefighters, law enforcement1.6%1.9%2.2%
 Food preparation, serving6.4%6.2%5.8%
 Building maintenance5.7%6.0%3.9%
 Personal care5.2%4.0%3.7%
 Sales, office, administrative support22.5%25.7%23.5%
 Farming, fishing, forestry0.3%0.3%0.7%
 Construction, extraction, maintenance/repair7.5%9.4%8.2%
 Production, transportation, material moving11.8%10.9%12.2%

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Toxic Wasteland - 11/7/2021
If I could give this place negative five stars, I would. Most of the people here are a giant waste of time. They are liars, manipulators, psychopaths, and sociopaths.... Read More

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Worth the hustle to live there - 10/3/2021
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Pros & Cons listed - 9/28/2021
Ahhh where to begin? Long summary so bare with me. Born and raised in this ****hole, after 25 years finally getting close to be able to move state as I dreamed, as I've... Read More

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I pity anyone who wants to move here. - 4/15/2022
I have lived here my whole life and it used to be not be as busy as it is. It used to be a state where old people would retire in this state and used to be cheap. To put... Read More

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Never again - 8/27/2021
I've lived here for a year. I lived in South Mountain. There's a lot of homeless people, a lot ot trash in the alleys, a lot of pot holes, no infrastructure, flash... Read More

The worst place to live in America... - 7/11/2021
I grew up in Arizona, and I agree with every, single negative comment here. For many years into my young adult hood I was inadequate due to the failed public education... Read More

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