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Vancouver, WA vs Portland, OR

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- Portland is 0% more densely populated than Vancouver.
- People are 10.5% less likely to be married in Portland.
- The Median Age is 0.6 years older in Portland.
 Vancouver, WAPortland, ORUnited States
 Female Population50.6%50.3%50.5%
 Male Population49.4%49.7%49.5%
 Median Age37.337.938.4
 Population - 2010167,614585,476309,327,143
 Population - 2000143,560529,121285,036,114
 Population - 199046,380437,319251,960,433
 Pop. 2000 to Now29.7%24.1%15.6%
 Pop. 1990 to Now301.5%50.2%30.8%
 Population Density3,849.04,850.693.4
 Land Area48.9133.43,531,905.4
 Water Area3.611.6264,836.8
 Est. Total Population By Age
 Vancouver, WAPortland, ORUnited States
 Age 0 to 46.2%4.7%5.9%
 Age 5 to 96.4%4.9%6.1%
 Age 10 to 146.1%4.8%6.6%
 Age 15 to 173.3%2.8%3.9%
 Age 18 to 203.5%3.0%4.0%
 Age 21 to 245.2%4.6%5.2%
 Age 25 to 3416.0%19.5%13.8%
 Age 35 to 4413.4%17.6%12.9%
 Age 45 to 5411.8%13.6%12.6%
 Age 55 to 596.2%5.5%6.7%
 Age 60 to 646.1%5.5%6.3%
 Age 65 to 749.5%8.6%9.6%
 Age 75 to 844.1%3.3%4.5%
 Age 85 and over2.2%1.5%1.9%
 Vancouver, WAPortland, ORUnited States
 Native American0.4%0.6%0.6%
 Hawaiian, Pacific Islander1.6%0.5%0.2%
 Two or More Races6.5%5.5%3.2%
 Marriage & Family
 Vancouver, WAPortland, ORUnited States
 Married Population47.4%42.4%49.8%
     Currently Married45.2%41.1%48.0%
 Married but Separated2.1%1.3%1.8%
 Single Population52.6%57.6%50.2%
 Never Married32.5%41.6%33.8%
 Household Size2.462.262.60
 Family Households45,181139,39080,755,759
     Married couple, w/children30.2%31.6%30.5%
     Married couple, no children41.0%44.1%42.9%
 Non Family Households30,482140,40743,255,233
     Single householder, w/children17.4%14.3%15.8%
     Single householder, no children11.4%10.1%10.8%

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