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Budewig Intermediate School
12570 Richmond
Houston, TX 77082
(281) 988-3200
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public | 5-6
County: Harris


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/25/2011parentI have a daughter who attends this school and I would not recommend this school to anyone. The staff and teachers make up rules as they go along and they only apply to some of the students not all of the students.
1/24/2010parentThis school is very academically test driven. Administration and teachers are driven by test data. However, this is the mindset of Texas Education as a whole. If I had my choice my children wouldn't be attending school in Texas due to the fact that they teach to a test and aren't teaching students to think, problem solve, and use their higher thinking skills. Come on Texas and Alief School District times are changing and our children are being left behind. Let the teachers teach and let our children learn.
6/26/2009studentthis school is great i haved learned alot and the teachers are greate thank you for letting me be part of your school.
5/11/2009parentThis school has had no problems at all, and my child has been learning in AIMS, the advanced program for students. She is doing very fine in science, and especially math. I am exceptionally proud of her and her school. Their motto is also very creative -- exemplary!
2/19/2009parentSo far so good! I had my reservations at first. My son transferred to the school right before christmas, it didnt take any time to build a positive relationship with his teachers ms flynn and ms french they are encouraging and from what I have seen excellent teachers!
12/11/2008parentMy daughter is on her second year at Budewig, and my son is on his first year (5th grade. My daughter is having her best grades ever, thanks to the home room teacher, Mr. Pearson. She is in the AIMS program (advanced/gifted) so most of her classmates are gifted and hardworking, AND disciplined, but the best thing is that my daughter feels that she feels very motivated this year, and excels on her own will thanks to Mr. Pearson. Now, my son is a different story because he is in the regular academic program, and he doing OK, not great - the fact that he's has not reported being bullied in school, I can't complain. Overall it's a 4. Alief has always ranked lo[w]er (in academic achievement) compared to Katy or Fortbend, for example.
5/28/2008parentI have to be honest and admit the truth. The school is not very safe and is not in a safe neighborhood. The academics are lower than most other schools. This is not the best school in the west side and I strongly urge you to reconsider your options prior to selecting this school.
9/27/2007parentMy son started at Budewig this August and so far I m finding the school excellent. The campus is beautiful. The staff is responsive. The teacher s are well-qualified and attentive. And although the curriculum is challenging they are some how able to keep my uninspired-by-school son excited and engaged. For that I am forever thankful.
9/22/2004parentThis is a wonderful and beautiful school, there are very strick rules and the students must be focused. My son (5th grade) enjoys attending this school and is very excited about what he is learning. The teachers are great they really love what they do! My rating is 5 the highest

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