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Energized for Excellence Academy
6107 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 773-3600
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charter | K-5
County: Harris


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10/15/2012parentI will admit the school is not very unorganized during the period of drop-offs and parents attempting to get their children to and from school especially with all the schools beginning and letting out at the same time. Yes it is a nightmare! BUT...when school is in session and all the traffic and parents go away...this school is awesome!. My child has attended this school from middle school into high school and has truly excelled. Principal Bullock for the past two years has literally paid out of her pockets for the all her high school students to attend Texas universities college/business readiness programs for two weeks at the end of each school year. I know they may not have all the glitz and glamour like more established high school may have but I beg to differ on the teaching-to-test theory. I love this school and so does my child. As far as the teachers leaving and bringing in new ones, if the teachers are not a fit for the school and their program, then I can understand. But then most established public and private schools have this same problem these days too.
10/2/2012parentI love this school! I couldn't be happier with the results I have seen in my child's education. I have read some of these other reviews and I don't know whether to laugh or cry. These reviews seem like they were done by people who want the school to provide everything AND do the parenting for them. Yes, the school asks you to buy supplies for your child but so does every other school in Houston. I have a friend who teaches at Thompson and she said the supplies for her students cost $80. I've NEVER paid that much. Yes, they teach the children how to pass TAKS but so does every other school in Texas. The difference between Energized and other schools is that this school sets high expectations for their students & gives them the skills to meet those expectations. My son loves going to school and his teacher is doing an excellent job. No school is perfect but Energized is one of the best in the city.
9/14/2012parentReading these comments leaves me scratching my head. I sent my son Joshua here after rave reviews from ACTUAL PARENTS who send their child with no complaints. My son received an education unimaginable for our district and is now about to go to University of Texas for college. I may have made mistakes as a parent along the way but sending him to Energized, under the care of Ms Bullock, is not one of them. Form your own opinions based on facts not reviews.
8/20/2012parentBe prepared to spend lots of your money on school supplies. Text books need to be purchased out of pocket. Fields trips are out of pocket, including the school bus. Their events are held at a theater and tickets are just so expensive.How about the cafeteria? The school appears to be very old. Sometimes their bathrooms don't have toilet paper. Bathrooms inside the classrooms are always dirty and smelly. The kids don't have P.E. class. The dumpsters are located near the bus stop area where kids are dropped off and picked up. For the past two years my son had teachers who were always mad. I believe the teachers bring their personal problems to work. Definitely placing my son in another school.
10/18/2011parentI'm new in texas and when I called to find out enrollment information about this school the lady who answered the phone was very rude and short with me. she did not even give me time to ask where they were located. she cut me short and said she had another phone call and if I wanted more info I had to go in to the school and she hung up on me.
8/24/2011parentschool is a joke they are very unorganized they ask for so much money and allot of supplies which you are buying for the entire school .there staff are rude including ms bullock and ms cooper walks around cluesless asking parents what to do.. parents or anyone can walk in and no permission is asked .parking is a nightmare ,parents fight for parking or to even the leave the parking lot. teachers are great but they system there is horrible , dont leave your kid there they are taking advantage of all the undocumented kids , parents and teachers. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN
3/10/2011parentA factory school that just packs them in. They have a huge factory garage door in there cafeteria that is open in all weather and the kids have to sit there and wait for classes. Parking is terrible and traffic is nuts. Its like they didn't even plan for drop offs and pick ups when they created the school. The teachers do the best they can but the administration is obviously worried about other things. This school is not much of an improvement over the terrible HISD schools in the Sharpstown area.
11/13/2010parentRUN, do not walk, away from this school! First, there is no semblance of organization here. There are multiple "campuses" scattered around town, but they consist of portables or ancient, mold-infested storage and office buildings. Students aren't taught real skills, just how to take the standardized tests for their particular grade. Yes, the scores are high, but your child isn't learning enough to carry from one year to the next. They accept serious behavior problems, and there are no consequences for those who disobey, which distracts the kids who WANT to learn. No P.E., no extracurriculars or Fine Arts (if you're not in band or cheerleading, there's nothing for you, and even those are awfully excecuted). This school is a terrible excuse for an organization, and my child is much better off at Pershing.
7/1/2010teacherExperience with school not very pleasant. Principal was not professional and focus was more on testing that actual comprehension of subject.
5/7/2010parenti have two kids in that school(1st yr for both) and both teachers quit at the last minute so now we have new ones.. they are very nice and teach well but the problem is the school is not organized at atll i had to buy school supplies that i dont think no other school asks for like toilet paper.. and there was a list in the begginning and middle of the year ...i know the state has to give them money for that also the staff is some what rude ...is a mess you dont know where the office is at also the traffic many parents get in to fight s for parking ..stupid things you should not do in front of the children any one can walk in the school it will be my kids last yr there i found a better school that do care about their students
11/15/2009parentLack of organization, some classes don't have boards for teachers to write, as a parent I have to pay for any field trips and at the bus with 2 and that is ilegal. The teacher is doing her best, but the classroom is very small.
7/21/2009parentMy child started here two years ago in the pre-k3 program. He will be starting kindergarten this August and is already reading and loves homework. Ms. Carter was his teacher for pre-k4 and she is truly a gifted educator. Principal Bullock has stocked this school with extremely capable educators who love their job.
7/9/2009parentI withdrew my child due to inability of the school to offer concrete support, without the exclusive focus on TAKs, Principal refused to return calls. I found the the entire program being more on funding that the actual progress of my child.
3/7/2009parentThis is my daughter's second year. She has been learning really good. I rate it as average because the school is very unorganized and tell the parents about activities at the last minute. I know if they are out of school before the teacher knows due to me asking other parents and going online at the hisd website. It is an excellent school for learning but that is it. Communication, diversity, activities, traffic is the major problems this school has. I would not recommend this school to anyone. This will be my daughters last year there.
2/11/2009parentMrs.Bullock is a very strong leader I really veliebe that this is one of the bests schools in Houston, I'm super involved parent and love that woman.
12/22/2008teacherThis is a wonderful school. I was a teacher there, and working at this school I know what the school is about. The teacher's there work hard to make sure the students learn everything they need to know. Someone said the school is not diverse. Yes the school is diverse. I have a child that is 2 now and when she becomes 3 or 4 I will be enrolling her in the prek program. This school offers alot. This school follows the states curriculum. The people who posted about the TAKS test. This is Texas. All schools teach the test. No matter what school your child attend your child will be reviewing the TAKS test all year. Your child have to pass the TAKS test to be promoted to the next grade. I can't wait to enroll my daughter in Energized for Excellence. This school is Energized for Excellence.
7/2/2008parentI agree wholeheartedly with what the Parent who posted on May 21, 2008 said. This school is nothing but TAKS, TAKS, TAKS. They start preparing for TAKS on the VERY FIRST DAY of school. The teachers even have them write out the ENTIRE TAKS booklet (from previous years) in an effort to get them to retain the information. And on TAKS testing day the students are required to work on the test for the ENTIRE eight hours. No test is to be turned in before 4:00. My son mentioned how bored he was, going over the material over and over again and then he began to second guess his answers. Being a charter school I understand that TAKS scores are how they receive their funding but this is beyond ridiculous.
5/21/2008parentMy daughter has been at this schools since 2000. It an excellent choice for PRK-2nd. Once they get to the TAKS testing grades it is over. 5th grade has been horrible. They do not even switch for classes when it comes time to take the TAKS. For example before the Reading TAKS they were in their computer class taking TAKS release test, in Health taking TAKS Release test. This is why they are recognized. They only teach the test. My daughter can really take a TAKS test but can not label a map of the US because it is not on the TAKS
9/27/2007parentThe school would be a great school if it were more diverse. The classes are small so they kids get the attention they need. The best part is the Attendance Lady who always helps with a smile...Ms.Rosette.
4/9/2007parentI have good views and bad views about this school. The teachers are excellent and really teach the kids good. They are excellent when it comes to learning, but I would never send my child there due to the fact that the Principal never responded to any of my calls. The traffic is a nightmare. There policies on picking up your kids is extremely unorganized. I never receive news letters, I find out about events at the last minute and the students are not put in classes correctly.
10/4/2006parentThe teachers are wonderful! The main problem is access/traffic to the building in the morning and afternoon, it is TERRIBLE! The bilingual program is great my son now speaks a little of Spanish..well enough to make a conversation. My sons teacher doesn't speak Spanish so I kind of wonder how the other 15-20 students are learning.
4/20/2006studentIn my opinion I think this is a great school. The teachers really care about the students. The school and classes are small so they can pay attention to every child individually. Since it's small, children feel like a family.
4/12/2006parentI believe the early childhood program is the best. The student learn to read at an early age. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants a solid education for their kids.
1/10/2006parentI am very impressed with their bilingual program. My son is in the Pre K 4 program and he is started your school only speaking English. After spending just a small amount of time in the Spanish class for half day, he now speaks several Spanish words. I think it is a very good program. However, I do have one concern. I don t believe the classes were divided appropriately. In my opinion, the classes should have been split in a way that has just as many English speaking students as there are Spanish speaking students. My son is in a class where he and one other student are the only two students whose first language is English. I think his teacher has to place most of his attention to the majority of the class. This leaves my son and the other student at a lost.
8/10/2005parentI have a child that will be attending this school in the upcoming school year. I have been very satisfied with all of the help that this school has provided. The office staff has been very helpful and I look forward to a great school year.
6/29/2005parentI would not send my child there, it is unorganized. Teachers are there one minute and gone the next. My child had three teacher in one year.

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