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Hodges Bend Middle School
16510 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77083
(281) 634-3000
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public | 6-8
County: Harris


  Class SizeGradeYear
20 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/10/2011otherim a student from hbms and i and the hole scool agrees that it is the worst i barely learned a thing the teachers only explain u one way and one time that is harsh for kids who need explaining parents say its good but its not take it from me
6/24/2011otherIn my opinion HBMS is a great school.This school has really changed after the introduction of Mrs. Vega...I myself have loved it here our music and theater programs are great ....and i myself was in NJHS which is the top 10 percent of the school...The only thing i wish they would change is the fact that about 80 percent go to Bush High and the rest which is 20 percent have to go 2 Travis High....i say this because of experience....this school yea 2010-2011 was my 8th grade year and now im moving on 2 high school...which i will be attending Travis High....but i would love 2 go 2 Bush ......i will loose many great friends but Hey life moves on and the only thing u can do is make the Best of it.....so i Thank all my past teachers 4 making the past 3 years at HBMS one of the greatest.... Especially my 8th grade year....So as u can see This school means alot 2 me....Hopefully this Helped you in some kind of way:)So long and Farewell HBMS i will always remember the great Memories tht by attending this school:)
5/7/2011otherHodges Bend is the worst school in America. Period. Mrs. Vega is the worst principal to ever step foot into that door. There many 8th grade students that I can complain about. EX: an 8th grade Teacher pulling someones hair, The principal pulling on students clothing, Accusing teachers of having inappropriate action with students. This school is a disgrace. They treat the children as if they are idiots. If you don't sit down and take the time to get to know these kids or what they may have been through, then what do u expect out of there behavior ? All of the staff are non-sense idiots as far as i'm concerned.
5/17/2010parentI have 2 kids who attend this school. For the most of it, HBMS is not the average school to support and build guidance to adolescents. They focus on the attire, which is irrelvant to learning. The initimidation of the administrators towards the students is very open. The students have various issues, which require the support of the staff, though it is frequently ignored. As for the cirriculum, worthless. Mid school students should have the option to (2) electives, not wasted time, and advisory. They do not support the Drama dept, which display things are not done to support the student body. This school needs re-organizing, and the students need a body who will fight for their concerns. This is the most important time of a young adult life.
7/30/2009studentI just finished Hodges Bend. It's a lie to say that this school was great. It was awful, they couldn'teven keep a steady priniciple! And the latest one, Ms. Vega. Doesn't know anything about us, having just come from Garcia. Forcing failed attempts at Garcia to sophisticate us. If we were the best group of 8th graders as they kept saying, why did we have hardly any choices? Why was it such a terrible year for so many 8th graders. You parents who want to say the school is great are lying, you don't even go there. So keep your opinions to yourself, and students that think the school is so great. Where the hell were you? All in all, the only thing that makes the school so great, are the few good teachers you'll find there, Mr. Gonzales as well, and your friends. Don't be fooled.
5/27/2009parentmost of the teachers are very good in what they doing.but the new principal is very rude she don't know when she is talking to a parent or a child,she is yelling a lot and should not have the leadership. the school is more out of how the kids dress than there academics.
1/10/2009parentI think Hodges Bend is an exceptional school.It has a great academic program and athletics. They have a great instrumental programs, for the students you cannot tell parents how to raise there own kids and you can make someone get a better paying job (talking to you who posted July,20) so if you do not like it move your children.
11/20/2008studentI am a 8th grader at this school and I think this is the best school ever.The teachers are nice and they are always there to help you.They really helped me when i was not doing good in school.So go to this school.Its great!
7/27/2008studentThis school is extremely poor in academics. The social environment is dreadful while none of the students can progress due to the lack of sophistication. I was in this school and i couldnt hold it. Social categories are so marked up. The principal and its assistants know about many issues and dont want to face them being afraid of parents. Youll need a revolution to change this school. Dont get into this school if you have the choice to be in another one.
6/1/2008studentThis is a horrible school and is very dirty, old and cheap. There are very few students who are nice and want to get an education. I am a 7th grader and can't wait to get out. The only thing i like about the school is that it is eay, and the honor orchestra. I really enjoy playing in this orchestra.
4/6/2008parentHodges Bend is in a transitional stage. With the opening of a new middle school to ease overcrowding, this school is now ready to be back on top. The students are smart and talented and the parents care about the academic wellfare of the students. With a new principal next year we look forward to academic excellence. As a parent, it is my hope that the teachers are ready to raise academic expectations and give 100% to the success of the school.
8/12/2006parentHodges Bend is a fantastic school. The teachers are very intouch with the parents. The academics are good and the athletic progams are super. Lots of winning teams. Three of my kids have attended Hodges Bend and they were well prepared for high school. I do reccommend this school.
12/3/2005studentI've been going to this school since 6th grade. I'm currently in 8th grade right now. This school is good enough for me. Most teachers are extremely helpful and will do as much as possible to help you succeed. The extracurricular activities are very good. There's so many activities to choose from! What you should watch out for is the students. The so called popular people can be a bit mean to those who are not strong.
7/7/2005parentno theatrical programs. mixture of good and bad/ rich and poor students. parents need to put forth the extra effort to make it work.
5/24/2005parentHodges Bend Middle School have great and caring teachers, however, the overcrowding issue make it very difficult to teach. In addition, the Principals and staff are top notch. My main concern relates to whether the education is competitive with other Fort Bend ISD middle schools due to the lack of homework and progressive assignments. Once the overcrowding issue is addressed, I am certain that the schools ratings will improve because teachers will be allowed to teach without many interruptions.
5/11/2005studentThis is Not A good school for academics. It is a dirty school.....The Principal has no sympathy....Only for athletes.
12/24/2003parentI think Hodges is a very good public school.There are several children that are just moving to this Fort Bend area for this school.The teacher are polite and very patient.My daughter is in the 7th grade on the Caddo team and she always tells my that Hodges bend middle school is great and the activities are fun and educational.She is also on the basketball team.Well anyways I recemmeded this school to new movers to this area.

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