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Lutheran High North
1130 W 34th St
Houston, TX 77018
(713) 880-3131
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private | 9-12
County: Harris


9/27/2012studentMy experience at LHN was everything I could have wanted out of high school. It definitely prepared me academically for college as well as grad school. The teachers took the time to make sure I learned and not just got through the class. Athletically there were many options and great coaches. I still go back as an alum of the school and am impressed by the continued improvements to facilities and technology and the dedicaton to helping kids prepare for college and beyond.
9/27/2012otherLHN is a great school and the teachers are compassionate and eager to help the students achieve their goals. When I attended LHN I found that the teachers were tough but fair. I think it was a good balance in teaching you that not everything in life will be handed to you and really prepared me for college as well as my current job. Hard work pays off.
9/27/2012parentLHN is a fantastic school! They offer AP courses, dual-credit college courses, and Honors courses. The teachers and staff are Christians who truly "let their light shine forth" in everything that they do. My girls love going to school there and are receiving an above-average college prep education. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants a high-quality Christian education for their child in these times of lower standards and attacks upon Christian values that seem to plague our public school systems.
9/27/2012parentLutheran High North is an excellent school choice for students and families that are looking for strong academics, an incredible sense of communty, a faith centered approach and a place where the students and their overall education is a top priority. The teachers and staff are extremely good and communication with parents and students is a clear focus. The school has deployed technology resources such as an ipad 2 asset program, whiteboards and many others that ensure students are learning in a cutting edge environment necessary to support them in furture educational and professional endeavors. This school is also an excellent choice for families when students need extra help or certail modifications to assist in the learning process. Lutheran High North has many activities (athletic and otherwise) and a wonderful Fine Arts and Music department so that students are very involved thus getting a well rounded high school experience. I highly reccomend this school and trust that those who attend will have a rewarding experience.
9/26/2012parentWe are so fortunate to have found this amazing school. My son was a senior last year, and the college help was superb! My daughter is a freshman and absolutely loves going to school every day. She is getting wonderful grades, loves her teachers, is involved in sports and is truly happy. Both of my children are making friends they will have for life. As a parent, this a safe, loving, nuturing environment where my kids can stay after school and be well supervised, and nearly every night there is something for everyone at the school to make it a real community. This week alone we'll be at report card night talking to teachers and staff, watching the football game as a family tomorrow night and going to the musical this week-end.
8/19/2012parentMy children attended LHN, and I all I can say is do not waste your money sending your children to this school. The only kids that any receive any type of recognition are the kids who have wealthy parents, kids that are in sports or with a very high GPA. If you have an average student expect to be ignored or treated irrelevant. The academics are sub standard to say the least and it is the average student who gets left behind with very little "positive" encouragement from the counselors or the teachers. The worst culprits are the coaches and teachers who are coaching or teaching their own children or relatives because the dress code and behavior expectations do not apply to them. Do not let the facade of a christian education fool you, if you decide to enroll your kids at LHN be prepared to be as proactive as you can about your child's education. What they experience here will follow them the rest of their life. If I had to make this decision all over again I would definitely choose another school.
9/20/2011parentLHN is very overrated, to say the least. The communication between parents and teachers is beyond poor. I read some reviews of LHN before I enrolled my student that said the same thing, and I thought oh that's some disgruntled person. I should have listened. They just want your money and aren't interested at all in the growth of your student. Ask if they have exact statistics on where their seniors went to school. It will tell the story. Many of them are at Houston Community College....not that there's anything wrong with that, but you would think that they'd produce more attractive students, with such a small graduating class.
11/16/2010parentLutheran High North is the best educational deal in town! One child has graduated and was fully prepared for the university he attends. He loved his experience here, as does his sibling, who still attends LHN. The teachers are caring and challenging, spending as much time as it takes to meet the student's needs.
2/4/2009parentWe have a senior at LHN. We are so glad that we found this school. The teachers are great, the students are great, and administration is great. This is particularly evident now that we are going through the college application process. They have been so helpful. This school is also a good alternative for those who look for a Christian environment without being subjected the dogma found in some catholic schools. Your own faith is respected.
1/13/2009parentLHN seems to be an okay school. The price for the school is abnormally high for the quality of the academics. Important topics are glossed through with no emphasis. LHN, however is a good school for kids that need to reach a smaller school. The teachers do not seem to communicate, however the students are tight packed and they seem to be very familiar with eachother. The teachers and administration are sub-par, but the atmosphere of the school is pleasant. However that is not the point is it?
11/20/2007parentOur son is a Junior at LHN. He loves this school. It is the perfect size. The teachers and adininistators make parents and students feel very welcome. We only wish that the school was a little closer to our home. Nevertheless, we are very happy with this school. Our son is having a great high school experience.
4/12/2007parentI am very dissatisfied with this school. If you are considering this school, do your homework. Make several visits. They are very nice until you get there! The teachers do not communicate well with parents. The academic standards are not high at all. If you have an average student, this is definitely not the school for them. They cater to two types of students. The smart and the challenged. The average child is left to fend for themselves. My student was an average to high student upon entering. My child failed several classes with no word from the counselor or anyone on the campus. For this type of tuition, I feel we did not get our money's worth. A year of my child's life has been wasted. There are other problems also.
1/22/2007parentLHN delivers. I am very happy with this high school.
12/12/2005parentLutheran High North really delivers it mission statement of Quality Academics and Meaningful Ministry. The faculty cares about each student, and makes it a point to be available through emails and phone calls. Parents receive a progress report every three weeks if the student has an 80 or below. That way, the students know what they have to improve on to raise their grade before report card time. College credit classes are offered, in addition to honors classes at every grade level. LHN's soccer, volleyball,baseball, and softball teams have all competed in state playoffs. LHN has also produced some wonderful cross country and track state competitors. LHN is one of few Houston private schools that has an award winning Marching Band. Check out the school's website for photos of the kids. They put on a fabulous Broadway musical each Spring.
11/4/2005parentIf you're looking for a quality high school program at a reasonable price, then look at Lutheran High North. The academics are strong and the school is focused on Christian values.
8/27/2005parentNew enrollment - the format of the government class is based on a real world scenario where each child is assigned a role (teacher, CEO, stockholder, widowed mother with 5 kids, etc.). They will develop a system of government to deal with the interests of all parties.
6/27/2005former studentThis is a very good school that provides quality education with many of the advantages that a small school can provide. Their sports and fine arts programs are also very good for the size of the school. However, it could stand to be a little bit more demanding academicdally.
6/15/2005parentMy two children attended LHN and received an excellent education, plus had the chance to participate in many extracurriculars. Teachers made themselves available readily and really care about the students. My children also grew spiritually while at LHN because of the intentional study of faith topics, but also because of what they saw modeled by the faculty.
8/17/2004studentThis school is okay, its not wonderful and its not mediocre either. The staff and fellow pupils seemed to be nice, and you felt very comfortable there. And at other times, you felt like the teachers were looking down upon you, little help is given to the students who need individualized attention. No stable lunch program is offered here and hardly any good electives are offered. Students who had 'other talents' weren't given any chances to use these gifts. Sports is a main priority here. Great christian ethics, okay teachers, not wonderful but okay, some of them are very knowledgable. Wasn't thrilled with the choices of discipline used either.
3/11/2004studentLHN really means what they have to say.When it comes to education and leading a christian life they really want those things for their students. They help the students be prepared for life and help them what to expect.The education they teach really prepares you to be successful.The school will just really prepare you for life as will the teachers with how they treat you and helping the students lead a christian life, and help you go somewhere in your life.
2/27/2004studentLHN, they put their slogan in actios. Quality academics and meaningful ministry. Both are displayed here at LHN. You are given the tools to go out and succeed in life. Also, you are given the opportunity to go out and serve and to teach others to serve, through Christ. A learning experience all kids can only hope for. Make LHN you home!

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