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Nimitz High School
2005 W W Thorne Dr
Houston, TX 77073
(281) 443-7480
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public | 9-12
County: Harris


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8/13/2012studentAs its been stated before Nimitz is a school with a vast majority of students whom don't care about recieving an education. The teachers give you the basic knowledge you need to perform outstanding on Benchmark Exams. My suggestion is if you want to feel like your attending a good school try some AP courses which will change your outlook on things.
6/8/2009otherCompared to all the other schools in the district, its alot better! Education starts with the individual and if more students 'Wanted' to learn the school would probably be a 5 but that would be with any school!
7/15/2008parentThis school needs help starting with the faculty. The principal doesn't return calls, counselors are standoffish to students. Homework is rarely given. Skipping is way to easy and with all the modern technology that we have, it should be easy to communicate with the parents and how their child/student is doing.
12/5/2007studentI'm currently a senior, and I've seen many changes happen through my nearly four years . From the staff and administration to the school's atmosphere. There's no denying the fact that Nimitz has gone downhill in the past few years. Why I say this is because I feel kids just don't care anymore. We have many teachers and counselors trying to help us prepare for our future, but kids just aren't taking advantage of it. The education is not the best, but it's not bad either. I think I've received an excellent education at Nimitz, and I feel I'm more than prepared for college next fall.
11/28/2007studentI am a currently a student at Nimitz and if I tell people interested in moving into the district, I would say, 'Run far, far away. Do not turn back.' I will admit, Nimitz has certain facility members that make you believe in the educational system again, and the extra curricular are surprisingly amazing, but the majority of the facility seem like they learn more from the students then vica versa. Now i do not necessarily think that my rating of one star is completely fair, but i know that they do not deserve two stars, so i am willing to settle on 1.5 stars.
10/1/2007studentI am a student at Nimitz and this school is entirely way too crowded, there is not enough time to get to class, there are so many idiots at this school, but these are only minor issues this school has. The big issue is the school's food. Our school needs to start serving healthy food, not all this greasy and fried food because you make the bad food better than these thrown in salads and sandwhiches and there's not even wheat bread or diet drinks.
9/11/2007studentI am I current student at Nimitz High School. The school now is very crowded, but this school is worth the bumping. This school has a wonderful medical program in which you can earn college credit and some certification like pharmacy technician certification. Like I said this school is worth it.
10/14/2005former studentThis is a very good school, with a high quality of academic programs. There are many extracurricular activities and opportunities for involvement. The teachers are experienced and care about their student's improvement.
10/14/2005former studentThis is a very good school, with a high quality of academic programs. There are many extracurricular activities and opportunities for involvement. The teachers are experienced and care about their student's improvement.
10/7/2005studentThe school is ok, not crowded and the staff gives you lots of attention.
5/19/2005parentNimitz has an excellent Choir department. The overall education can be very good or not so good depending on the individual teachers. Discipline is not so good. Stealing seems to be a regular occurence at this school; which is not properly addressed.
9/18/2004studentGoing into my second year at Nimitz I have been able to compare Nimitz to my previous high school. Over the past year I have noticed that Nimitz has some very good teachers, but one thing it it lacks is administration. Also I feel as if too much energy is stressed on TAKS and not what the state of Texas does not require us to know. There is very much needed information that is vital to college admittance that is just not covered in the classroom. For example, just recently our section on the Crucible was inturrupted for TAKS writing skills. I understand the school must focus on TAKS so they can get their funding, but I also believe they should prepare students for their ventures after high school. However one thing is for sure I will pass the TAKS.
5/24/2004studentNimitz High School is a very good school to attend although the principle is not all that great its not the principle that makes the school it is the teachers and the students. The best teacher at Nimitz High School in my opinion is Ms. Eaglehardt. She is a very cool person to talk to and she is always there for her students. If it weren't for her alot of the students wouldnt make it because not that many people will tolerate teenagers and their attitudes.
3/30/2004former studentNimitz is a weird school. the principal is not the best on judgement, and rarely believes in second chances. I don't agree with alot of his methods, but the teachers at nimitz are exceptional. their guidence is very encouraging. Ms. Eanglehart, Mr. McCraw, Ms. Theriot, Mr. Brown, Ms Lopez, Mr. Bahn, Ms. Luke, Mr John, Ms. Wimby-John, and Mr. Johnson have all inspired me to go for my goals and have put me on the right path once again. I love you all for your love kindness and support
1/21/2004studentI am a current student at Chester W. Nimitz HS. It is the best high school that I have been to. All of the staff are great they work extra hard and they are there after school if any students need any help.

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