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Overrated and getting worse every year. - 6/21/2022
I've lived in the city since I was born (1998) and I just was ready to get out. I'm a Denver native and I am ashamed of my city. I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because of extremely expensive housing, recent wildfires, high property crime, and dirty air. I used to love Denver, and all the things about it, but now I feel that the Mile High City isn't even good anymore. Sure, it's better than a lot of other cities, but it's starting to get better than only a few instead of a lot. The mountains, although very beautiful, are overrated and full of money-hungry ski resorts. I was ready to say goodbye to Denver when 2020 hit. 2020 ruined Denver and a lot of other cities in the US. All the homeless camps in the city, expensive housing, decaying infrastructure in parts of Central West Denver (Pittsburgh has a much worse problem with that, but at least Pittsburgh is safe and clean), boarded up windows in many places throughout the city, and overall Denver is very overhyped. Denver sells Read More

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Overpriced and overrated, for now at least - 6/21/2022
I've lived in Colorado for about 12 years now and Denver for one and a half. This review will focus on the reasons you should NOT move to Denver.
-Close to mountains (geographically)
-Climate is okay
-Humidity is low, good for allergies
-Far from mountains (time/drive-wise)
-Traffic and roads suck
-Drivers are bad and aggressive, especially around bikes
-Pollution and wildfire smoke are high, bad for allergies

People think they'll move here to be close to outdoor recreation, but between the increasingly hot and polluted summers, worsening traffic, and crowds, getting to those recreation areas and then enjoying them are becoming more and more difficult. A 3+ hour drive from Denver to Breckenridge (the closest big ski area) is common on the weekends during ski season, and that's in good weather. Bicycling infrastructure in and around the city is not great but it is getting better. Public transportation is Read More

Overrated, mediocre, dry (not just climate) - 3/13/2022
Obviously, there are exceptions, and this is just my subjective personal feel of the city.

Climate: dry, semi desert environment, almost year-round drought. The entire Metro Area looks brownish to yellow, barren, lackluster for 6-8 months out of year. Spring is nice, but then by August everything is burnt and dry. Whatever tiny Zeroscape backyards people have here look dead most of the time. Year-round dust, boogers and nose bleeds are a norm. You can’t take a humidifier with you outside.

Contrary to the popular belief, Denver is not very outdoorsy, meaning you won’t spend the majority of time outside walking, gardening, sitting on porch with drink. There are no beautiful outdoor patios or beer gardens.

Food: since not much grows in CO, most produce and everything else needs to be transported here. As a result, food is overpriced and not fresh. There are good restaurants to fill your belly, but it’s almost impossible to find great yummy places. Read More

It’s alright - 12/15/2021
Been in Colorado for 4 years, Denver 1. My biggest hesitation for moving here was the dry, sunny, high desert climate. I shrugged it off and tried to downplay it, but it really has become one of my least favorite things about the front range.

I live east of 1-25 so getting to a forested trailhead is a pain in the ass. Hiking here in general is a pain. I started going later in the afternoon to avoid crowds. I feel like there should be more trailheads in the foothills than there are. Probably because so much of it is private residential land. Being into the outdoors requires too much driving. I really miss being 15 minutes from a forested trailhead like I had in the Midwest and South.

It’s easy to find decent food, extremely tough to find great food. My wife and I never trust the reviews here - a lot of stuff that gets hyped up just isn’t that good.

It’s fun at times, the wild weather can keep things interesting, but I don’t think it will ever Read More

Decent under 40 playground if you can afford it - 11/10/2021
I find it both disturbing and humorous that any city small or large listed here that has a reasonable number of reviews, say 20+, everyone is complaining of the same thing. “Outsiders” moving in, traffic, crime, homeless, drugs, skyrocketing costs. Let’s face it folks, America is filling up. And places like CA are emptying, with millions more people that will likely relocate. You are not going to escape that anywhere, unless you buy acreage in a remote locale.

As for Denver, I’ll offer my honest review, take it or leave it, hate it or not. I moved here when I was 20, just before Denver began to take off mid-90’s. Back then it was the hidden gem, albeit a bit of a cow town, that boomers and older X’ers like me now reminisce about. Downtown was dead after 5pm. For fun you either partied or climbed/skied mountains. The economy was boom or bust. But you could drive to places like Castle Rock or Loveland/FoCo and see lots of open land. We had an airport and a football team. Read More

Denver has so much to offer! - 8/9/2021
I've lived in Denver for 30 years and can't imagine calling any other place home. Yeah, the traffic stinks. You'll hate your life driving on I-25 during rush hour or coming back from the mountains on I-70 on Sundays but, it's worth it! Denver has so much to offer! I've never run out of fun and exciting things to do here. If you want to live in a big city but, love the outdoors, there's no better place. I will warn, however, that the cost of living is pretty high. So be prepared for that. Read More

Hometown Denver girl disgusted - 7/29/2021
I was born in Denver. I live only 2.1 miles away from where I was born 50 years ago. I have always loved Denver Read More

Beautiful Denver has been ruined by liberals. - 7/18/2021
Moved to Denver for retirement in 2016. Can't take it any longer, so moving out next month. City management is atrocious. The liberals have made it a haven for homeless & drugs, then they complain. If you love America, you won't like Denver. I would not own property Read More

It's good - 7/10/2021
Denver has a ton to offer as a city, but you'll be missing out if you're not into hiking, skiing, rock climbing etc. Cost of living is okay, and the wages are on par with, let's say, California wages.
Denver is clean, it doesn't have as many homeless as LA or Seattle. It has ski towns, hot springs, and Boulder is only 30 mins away. The traffic ain't as bad as the locals claim.

Lots of slow, incompetent people in Denver. The temperatures change in a rather hectic manner. It can jump from 30 to 65 degrees in a day.
People can be two dimensional and hard to connect with. The city is spread out so having a car is a must. The city is lacking culturally. It's not as diverse as Boston or San Fran.

3 stars overall.

 Read More

this place is like a bowl of cream-o-wheat - 6/26/2021
Denver is the purgatory of the states
its not great, its not bad; the mountains are soo pretty, but thats like an hour drive away(so not even in Denver), the closest thing we have to a beach, is this disgusting "swim beach" -the cherry creek reservoir, shrooms are decriminalized, thats cool I guess but its not like they're any easier to obtain. Ofc we also have dispensaries on every corner, so youd expect everyone to be a lil more chill but yeesh theres a log of douchbages.
theres a lot of old rich white people who own everything
the Denver Int'l Airport isnt even in Denver which is annoying when you have a super early weekday flight and have to get a car.
theres about three colleges so that adds to the douchebags I waS talking baout ^
but at the review under me about "creepy white st8 men and damaged women". bro every place got that look at what the internet did to us, on top of a pandemic, on top of the mental health crisis blah blah
OH and the Read More

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