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Denver is awesome - 6/1/2021
Loved in 80205 since 2005. Denver is fantastic. Problems typical of any medium to large urban area but that’s just the reality of capitalism in 2021 United States. Overall the maturity of the urban corridor has progressed nicely. Great restaurants, transit to the airport, excellent cultural diversity and unique neighborhood flavors. Outstanding weather, great parks, awesome entertainment. Don’t let the suburban and rural trolls jade you. Real estate is absurd, but that’s almost everywhere—again a function of 21st century American life. Overall an excellent progressive bubble in an ever increasingly blue state. Read More

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Not for Conservatives or even Moderates - 5/15/2021
Six counties comprise the Denver-Boulder metro area. About 65% of voters in Denver Metro with suburbs voted for Biden in the 2020 election- thanks Denver. The only county of Denver Metro that voted Trump and is almost 50/50 Republicans and Democrats is Douglas. City and county of Denver is now very liberal- 85% voting for Biden. Boulder has been very liberal for decades now no surprise there.

I am not picking sides, if you are a die-hard Democrat or liberal, Denver is for you. Republicans and Conservatives, no unless you can afford Douglas County. Keep in mind, the cost of housing in the whole Denver metro is high.
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Creepy white straight men and damaged women - 4/8/2021
Denver has become full of the creepiest, anti social, anti masculine, physically and mentally effeminate, rude selfish type of straight white nerdy techs men who spend their free time jerking off their little penises in the corners of their rooms because they can never get laid, like creepy leg humping dogs and being unable to figure out why women hate them

These men are terrified of everyone yet go out of their way to act very passive aggressive toward other men and then run away.

I’m white and very professionally well dressed and pretty fit and every time I try to come in my building these scared, no muscle mass at all (not even asmuch muscle as a rock climber or mtn. biker etc) to the point of either anorexia or obesity, so called men slam the front door and run away from me. I had to call my building management and tell them that I am seriously worried about the possibility of the other men in this building calling the cops on me

If this is Read More
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Not as woke as it seems - 3/20/2021
I never sought to live in Denver—it reminded me too much of the Midwestern city where I'm from, which I never wanted to live in either—but a job brought me here, after living here for a few years and visiting many times over the past few decades, I can still say it's "not for me" (which is what the 2 star rating signifies when you hover over it when rating).

There are plenty of reasons why it's so trendy and popular. The views of the mountains are gorgeous. It's easy to get to from pretty much anywhere thanks to the airport and highway system. It's sunny almost every day, and the snow is beautiful. Legal marijuana, plentiful public art, breweries/restaurants, and proximity to snow sports and hiking are great.

But as others have pointed out, unless you're coming from California or NYC, housing costs are absurd and traffic is horrible, with neither showing signs of letting up. Poor air quality is a regular problem, and last year's record-setting forest fires Read More

Lived in a lot of places; Non-native review - 3/18/2021
I lived in a lot of different cities in the 90s and 2000s including Denver. Now I'm back in Denver and while it is not perfect, honestly the city is pretty good, especially relative to comparable cities that you can move to NOW, as opposed to an idealized pre-90s Denver viewed with nostalgia lenses.

Climate wise you have much better winters than the midwest and northeast, better summers than most of the country (no humidity means it is 80s in the shade and extremely pleasant nights), very good proximity to outdoor activities (without having to hike/camp/run/climb in a damp mist which kind of sucks). You can get all these benefits in California but the cost of living is even higher there.

Regarding the two major complaints of homelessness and traffic, EVERY major city in the country has this problem, and Denver is not the worst by far. There are not the miles upon miles of homeless encampments, tent cities, nonstop garbage refuse. In fact, in most eastern Read More

Set for a big fall. - 3/16/2021
I was born downtown, and raised in the suburbs. I have lived in Denver as an adult off and on for 30 years, including for the last year. I think it geographically is the most beautiful city in the US, with the best climate. Older intact parts of the city contain some of the best architecture in the country. But the trends aren't good.

It was the very best place to grow up in the '70-80s. It used to have the best museums, a great zoo, relatively peaceful diversity while maintaining social cohesion, and every amenity you could want. I'd say it was truly cool in the late 1990s. That was the peak. It was still affordable, and crime was limited. There has been unbelievable and uncontrolled expansion since then, especially in the last decade, and leftist rioting in the last year caused much of the downtown to board up, there is graffiti everywhere now, and the homeless problem is out. of. control. Before BLM/Antifa took over Denver, like most other cities, the police here would Read More

I've lived in Denver for over 30 years and have slowly watched Colorado go from a neat place to live to an absolute armpit. The government is very oppressive, the police are brutal, the homeless are everywhere, the mayor is a radical leftist and there's so much california trash moving into the city and surrounding suburbs that vote like californiaians (stupidly) and are destroying a once beautiful and wonderful place to live. They bring their radical california ideas here and expect colorado to be different. I'd give it another 5 years and you'll see colorado struggling just like that armpit california. colorado will the the left armpit and califronia will be the Read More

The internet is full of angry people - 3/1/2021
I won't leave a long, drawn-out review like a lot of people in the review section. I'll just leave you with a thought.... most people write reviews online if they feel very negatively about something. Most people do not go online to leave positive reviews nowadays. At the time of writing this, 459 have reviewed this city on this website and the total metro Denver population is 2,862,000. Are you really going to let .016% of the people in Denver define the city; especially given most of these reviews are from angry senior citizens who probably yell at kids to get off their lawns on a daily basis? Denver is awesome, Colorado is awesome. Yea, it could be a tad cheaper to live here but there is a reason the cost of living is so high. Don't let a bunch of angry people who are barely a fraction of percent of the city define it... it's a fantastic place filled with fantastic people..... "native" or Read More

Going through Metropolis puberty - 12/6/2020
I have lived for 45 years in the Denver metro area. The single biggest problem with living here is the irrationally high cost of living. Anyone that has lived here for more than a decade will attest that population growth coupled with lack of infrastructure and housing is the greatest negative driver in many people's attitudes. The traffic is only bad for about 4 hours a day; the rest of the time, it is manageable. When the median home cost is $428,000, but to buy a house, you are always bidding war, driving prices higher. Rent is actually worse than purchase prices. The issues would all be manageable if the planning committees had any foresight. They would have accounted for a major population growth when they authorized, encouraged, or recruited new companies to move to Denver.
As you can see in the other posts, natives blame new arrivals for "ruining" Denver, but those newer residents moved here because Colorado is amazing for many reasons. Yes, Marijuana is legal, and Read More

Denver...City with No Soul. Not a place to put roo - 11/16/2020
It has been a long time since i have been in Denver. On this visit it is apparent that this City is heading the wrong direction for a good quality of life and social balance. On the surface the area looks like it is doing great with expansion of communities , new construction, and road improvements, etc. However if you really look at the human experience and life here this City is failing as a community. First- there are homeless folks at almost every corner...young to old...even families..asking for support. I observed a family with a little girl and baby stroller with a positive reading sign. I went by twice to see if anyone even offered to help. Not a single person in the long line of cars even acknowledged the family much less offered any support. I observed this same need by folks everywhere i went around Denver and the exact same attitude from those that did not need assistance. I would say that Denver is a place without a human soul.
2nd- it is apparent that the Read More

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