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if you're ok with... - 11/14/2019
Not for me. i hope you enjoy this: If you don't mind not having a backyard despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars your place cost to buy, don't mind living in 600 sq feet for $1400+, don't mind having to sit in hours of traffic to reach mountains that are hypothetically 30 minutes away, OR if you are liberal, or LGBTQ, or a weed smoker, or from California, or a partier, or a druggie, or a jobless activist, or if you are ok with crime even in the "best" most expensive suburbs, or ok with customer service without a smile or thank you, or ok with beggars, or ok with having to be as PC as possible to not risk getting punched or shot, or ok with unprovoked road rage, or ok with people disobeying basically all traffic laws, are ok with bikes scooters pedestrians and cars all on the same narrow parked car packed road, or ok with high possibility of your car being stolen anywhere within 10 miles of downtown, or ok with 'spanish speakers preferred' as a prerequisite for most jobs, or ok Read More

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Horrible place to live now. I grew up here and the rent is outrageous now and the wages aren't going up as quick as we need to. I have a degree and have been working my job for 8 years and the raises aren't coming quick enough to keep up. I am a single father of two and it is a horrible place for kids. Homeless people everywhere almost on every corner. The governors here dont do anything people smoke crack and shoot up right on the streets now, or sneak into your back yards or alleyways. ITS FAR WORSE then LA here, which I lived for quite sometime. If you move to Colorado I would reccomend you move to Loveland or a skii town at least you will get your money's worth. They pay more in those towns and the houses/crime is much more lower. DENVER AND LAKEWOOD are horrible for kids way too over populated and no places have yards unless you are practically a millionaire here. DON'T MOVE HERE, IT SUCKS, I AM MOVING OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE ONE DAY SOON!!!!! F DENVER!! NOT A GOOD PLACE TO RAISE Read More

An Actual Review Not Just Angry Rambling. - 9/24/2019
Since most of the reviews on here are just angry ramblings about how they moved here in 1980 and now it's different here's a real review.

I'm a 2016 "transplant," no, I'm not from CA or NY or FL. I am from Ohio and honestly Denver is a wonderful American city. Yes the real estate is overpriced at the moment, but it does seem to be going down recently (slightly) and there are affordable options if you are willing to live outside of Denver proper. People on this site complaining about people being rude are flat out wrong. My car got stuck in snow near the Pepsi Center and two men pulled over in their trucks immediately, and pushed me out. I see people helping strangers in Denver frequently and I rarely meet rude people here. There is a TON to do here. Music, art, food, sports. You name it Denver has it. Plus, the mountains are an endless supply of outdoor fun in any season.

The weather here is fantastic if you want seasons. Each season is distinct and Denver Read More

Transplants are evil - 9/20/2019
Let me tell you a little bit about the transplants. The people who are moving here are shockingly mean and rude. They will cut you in line because you aren’t wearing expensive designer clothing, they nearly knock women and children down on the sidewalk because they are in too much of a hurry to go buy their expensive cocaine, they treat black and Latino people like sh$t but claim they aren’t racist because they never said the n-word, they are passive aggressive, they scream at exhausted working class people for accidentally dropping trash on the ground while they drive their huge gas guzzling suvs and refuse to support public transportation, L. I could write a book about all the ways that transplants are pretentious nouveau riche assholes but you can’t the point. They hate the working class and non white people yet they claim to be super woke progressives. Don’t move to Denver unless you love fake, lying, rude, plastic LA because Denver is LA Read More

Too many people - 9/10/2019
Lots of drugs and needles in parks and trails. Overpriced and traffic is crazy. We're moving back home where people are nice and it is less populated. Cant even go for a hike without parking miles away from trailhead. Read More

Left CO for VA and much happier - 8/12/2019
In all honesty, people's complaints about Denver are legit. I actually left May 29th, 2019 after over 26 years of living there.
I miss certain things but overall, I'm much happier now that I'm gone.
I have a lot less stress and I can afford to actually live.
As mentioned by everyone else the pros are the weather (you can't beat it) and the mountains.
The cons are the people, (they used to be nice. I'm not sure what happened?) the traffic, the pollution, the crime, the cost of living, and the overall vibe.
I realized that when my neighbors began spending more time upgrading their security systems than actually just enjoying where they live that Denver had a problem.
A part of me will always love Colorado but I'm glad to be gone.
If you plan to move there take a good, hard and honest look before you take the leap.
For some people it might be the ideal place to live but for me, a person who knows what it used to be, I no longer Read More

Angry Natives... But Still a Nice Place - 6/22/2019
The best advice I can give to someone considering moving to Denver is to ignore half of these reviews. There's a small and very vocal segment of the population that enjoys what we have and will do anything to stop people from coming. I love it here, but I also want other people to have valid information about Denver when making big decisions and I just graduated from college so I'm bright-eyed and ready to fight some misinformation! Here's an honest (and kind of long) review from a 23 year-old Denver native.

First of all, I'll be frank about the negatives. You'll have to deal with a couple angry natives. Denver's going through some puberty right now and people who moved here in the 80s and 90s for the western sense of freedom are now upset that other people have discovered our little utopia. They express their anger over increasing traffic and home prices by saying Californians are taking over the roads and making the culture too uptight and ritzy. Obviously, there's no Read More

If you like phony people, move to Denver! - 5/26/2019
I have lived here 20 years and overall the only best thing I can say about it is the weather is fairly decent.

The people however, ha! Another story! The entire metro area is disjointed, and there is little, if any, sense of community. Californians are moving here in DROVES, buying up $600k homes CASH driving up real estate so many can no longer afford a home. They also bring their RUDENESS!

There is a LOT of "keeping up with the Joneses" and a lot of stuck up pretentious people. Or maybe they are just socially retarded. Lol. I haven't figured that out yet.

People are obsessed with their HOUSES!! House House House is all they seem to care about! They keep moving from one area to another, one ugly subdivision to another to get a BIGGER house... and are never happy!!!

I have been trying to meet less MATERIALISTIC people but I have to admit it's tough!! My best friends live in other areas of the country and are not so pretentious or Read More

Lived here...not going to anymore! Bye! - 5/11/2019
I've lived in Colorado almost my entire life and it used to be so great. Now, that unfortunately has changed.

People keep moving here from other states (and they bring their snobby attitudes too!) causing traffic to be horrendous, the winters are harsh and the snow absolutely sucks. Not to mention the cost of living has sky rocketed to the point my friends and I are struggling just to make ends meet. There is no way in hell I'd pay over $900 for a tiny studio!

Sorry to say this but Colorado/Denver is overrated. That's the truth. Don't believe me?? Come here and see for yourself!

I'm in my mid thirties, single and I've made the decision to move elsewhere. I used to love Denver and Colorado and hoped I'd retire here...NOPE! That's no longer going to happen!

I grew up on the country side of Parker and had an amazing childhood there. I was very sad when I moved out and had to live in the Littleton area (which I absolutely hate). However, Read More

Do a lot of research before moving here! - 5/6/2019
If you are considering moving to Denver because you think it's the "promised land" please read this review and others like it before moving. I have lived in and around the surrounding Denver area for 8 years now. The incredibly dramatic change just in the last 5 years has overall not been for the better. The traffic here is unreal, it usually runs 7 days a week and the city just cannot handle the amount of people on its roads. It makes everything so much more difficult, outside of a couple mile radius from your home. The smallest infraction on the freeway can set you back hours in delays, as well as in the mountains. The cost of everything is very expensive, especially home ownership and renting for a landlocked city, where the median income is around $51k and average house cost is closer to $500k, sometimes for a below average home. Just going out to enjoy a restaurant or movie becomes a task that sucks the joy right out of it. Crime goes up every year overall, 16th street mall Read More

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