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50 shades of white and impoverished - 7/22/2021
My family established our home in Larimer County in 1973; this area, Fort Collins, was a quaint, western-ish town we loved to visit. So I’ve visited FoCo multiple times a year since until 2016 when I relocated here from the east coast.

FoCo is more expensive than the DC beltway, the city’s planning division, under the leadership of a long-time city manager who sold this place out, has catered to developers making the city completely unaffordable for the majority of service sector employees. The majority are in poverty, but on the bright side, if you’re white, and you really only want to live amongst white people, and be poor, this is your place! Read More

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Lost its charm - 6/13/2021
I moved to Fort Collins in 1993. I loved it. People were friendly and it felt like a community. Now, it doesn't. The growth has created traffic problems that can not be solved because the town is too built up to add or widen roads. The cost of housing has skyrocketed, forcing many long term residents out of the community. There is a significant homeless population which was forced out of the down town area into other parts of town. It has a pretty downtown, lots of bike paths and is close to outdoor recreation but the trails are packed and bike paths are crowded. People aren't as friendly but they do like dogs. It is no longer affordable to live here unless you have a very good job. Even New Belgium an iconic micro brewery that made it big was sold to a foreign mega brewer. You might like Fort Collins if you move here (if you are upper middle class) but you would have liked it more ten years Read More

Fort Collins could be great. - 7/14/2020
I used to live in Fort Collins and it had its ups and downs:Ups: 1. Great Climate2. Healthy Population3. Plentiful things to doDowns: 1. Population that go off of the majority2. Growth and Sprawl3. Expensive 4. ClaustrophobicSo all in all, Fort Collins could be great if its population would decease would spread out more and the house prices would go Read More

Love It!!! But there are some downers - 12/26/2019
I love It here!!! Outstanding Schools,Educated Population,An Assortment Of Stuff To Do & Entertainment, hidden-gem type and fairly new parks,college-town amenities,nearby recreation, stuff to interest to the historic interest,shop & restaurant-ridden streets,pleasant summers,friendly people, and mostly smiles all around but the downers are a small population of unfriendly people & harsh winters also don't forget lengthy hours of sitting in "stand-still traffic" some gritty areas the growth & sprawl and Read More

Plus and Minus - 10/27/2019
We moved from the midwest to Fort Collins in 2014.

Beautiful location near Rocky Mountains, historic Old Town with lots of annual festivals, events, restaurants, outstanding breweries, active arts culture. Good K-12 school district and charter schools, excellent health care, tons of outdoor recreation like biking, hiking, white water rafting. It takes two - three hours to get to ski resorts. But it's less than an hour to Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park. People are incredibly friendly. Lots of great churches and other religious organizations, highly educated population, generally well balanced liberal vs conservative politics, home of outstanding Colorado State University (CSU). Only an hour drive to Denver and to Denver International Airport (DIA) as well. Property and sales taxes are lower than in the midwest probably due to Colorado tourism. Fort Collins has well managed city and county government. Beautiful and well maintained city, county, Read More

Not so wonderful - 5/20/2019
It's a very attractive city at the base of the Rocky mountains. There's a great deal to do, with something for everyone. However, the new construction is destroying all the city green spaces to build more houses, so the trees are disappearing and the housing cost is much too high. You just don't get a whole lot for your money unless you want to live outside of town. The traffic is much too dense, because the town is becoming overpopulated, as well as the surrounding areas, and the roads, especially the highways, are not enough to keep up with all the new traffic from the constant building around the town. Denver is about 65 miles down the interstate, but the congestion is so bad that it can take hours to get to your destination. The state will not pay to develop a commuter train, which would solve the traffic issue and severely decrease pollution. They just won't do it. I've lived all over the country, in Chicago and Los Angelos, and the road rage here is WORSE. The anger and Read More

Need a good job to live here - 10/20/2016
I have lived here since 1995. The cost of living here is way about average. The city has grown and housing, food, medical, everything has gone through the roof. Its great for college students, lots of bars and things to do. Housing now is around 350,000 and up and rent close to 1,600 a month. The wages dont keep up with the high cost of things. We own a home, and now worth a lot of money. We are looking to get out, due to the cost of living, and to many people and the traffic is so bad. 30 mins to go 6 miles, is insane. I think I have had my fill of this place, property taxes are killing us. If your thinking of moving here, you better have a great job that pays a lot. I dont think I will miss it to much. Great for raising a family, but with all the growth comes more crime and issues. No perfect place on earth, but I will leave it to the college kids and the ones who want to pay a fortune for a home here. Good-luck. Winters are Read More

Nice People and Nice Place to Live - 3/3/2016
I was in the Loveland and Fort Collins area for a while - I liked both, but found more fairness in the Ft Collins area. Honestly though both communities were nice communities.

I rank it as one of the most friendly places I've lived. I also felt overall like I was treated with fairness, more than in some other places.

I still have a friend or two in this area.
Read More

Fort Collins Over All - 11/16/2015
I was born and raised in FTC and I now have 2 children growing up here. When I was growing up Fort Collins was an amazing place to live. It was safe with a lot of fun activities for kids and families. There are still tons of things to do with the family or as a single person but it was WAY over populated (partial thanks to the stupid legalization of pot) and with rude rich college kids. It use to take 10-15 minutes to drive across town but now it can take 30 to 45 minutes. Not to mention in order to buy a home here you are looking at spending 250K and up for a nice 3 bedroom home in a good neighborhood. The jobs that are being created here only pay minimum wage and that does not keep up with the cost of living. Renting a home.... if you do that you wont have any money left over for savings to buy a house or have for a rainy day. A 3 bedroom home here is 1600 a month if not more. Although you will not hear of the crime and drug problem in the local paper there is a huge problem here Read More

Healthcare - 10/14/2015
The hospitals in and around Fort Collins are Read More

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