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Crime Stats are under-recorded. - 3/30/2020
I don't like downgrading any City, but I need to make everyone aware of what this place is Really like. First of all; the Crime Stats are not accurate; the Mayor has given the St. Pete Police Chief marching orders to downgrade the real Stats. I moved here 14 years ago; and NEVER had a single problem, over the last 8 years; I've had to file multiple Restraining Orders to keep the Criminals off my property. Homeless, Vagrants are allowed to ride around your neighborhood, without checks and balances. When you catch someone in a Crime, St. Pete Police looks the other way??? Parks are full of loose Dogs without any repercussion from the City or the Police; we've been charged by loose Dogs at least 5 times in the last 5 years. One of my Neighbors got her small dog attached and killed, and Animal Control didn't do a thing, not a thing. Here it's "look the other way", because if you want the Law to help, you're out of luck.  Read More

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Amazing, beautiful, progressive, growing city! - 12/28/2019
2 star review? Unbelievable. St Pete is exponentially changing. I moved here 2 years ago from San Francisco and LOVE everything about Saint Pete. Low unemployment, affordable houses, excellent job market in Tampa Bay( I work in Tampa and it’s an easy commute) and 0% state income tax. Property tax is LOW as well as job growth projected higher than the national average.

When it comes to daily living, downtown is CLEAN. I never have any problems with crime and there are hardly any homeless people hanging around. Central ave has an amazing liberal, hipster, artistic, trendy, vibe you wouldn’t expect in a city in the “south”. People are simply kind here. I was shocked to realize my gym had no lockers, just cubbies, because people just don’t steal anything from there. People actually leave their wallets in plain sight and nobody touches anything. Meanwhile, everything was stolen from me in Cali, even when I locked it all up. :(

I work in the medical Read More

as a white non Hispanic 21 year old man I moved here after the military and this place us a fucking joke. reverse racism from arabs and blacks and way over the top liberal. Boring as fuck when the snowbirds leave and most jobs dont oay to well. Also the colleges here try to brainwash you instead of teaching the material. Tons of dirty homeless people and tons of crazy lunatics. Go to texas or tampa if you want your money's worth. Downtown is overrated like Janis live with its shitty old brick barrels and dirty streets. Overpacked every first Friday by a bunch of drunken idiots. Tons of rich snob people you never see home in snell isle. Coffee scene is decent. Overall weird city with weird paintings and crazy weird people everywhere. Read More

A nice place to move....from. - 10/12/2019
I lived in St Pete for 2 years, and it was a mixed bag. Visually, the place has a very beautiful downtown. It's a really pretty city, and I felt safe walking in most parts of it, even alone at night. But many of the problems you encounter in other parts of Florida are there as well. Rampant development is ruining things. Everywhere you turn the developers are tearing down two perfectly good homes in nice neighborhoods, then building three McMansions for multiple families that stretch all the way out to the street. The yard itself is gone, the parking is gone (so people park on the streets), and worst of all, you get a lot of these yuppie snowbird types who walk around with big dogs because they are afraid. Mind you, these are perfectly safe neighborhoods. They don't fit in and are arrogant, self centered jerks.

Speaking of arrogant, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Quebec snowbird retirees. These are the most unpleasant people on earth. Rude, unpleasant, etc. Read More
steve | ,  | Reply | 3 Replies

Don’t move to st.pete - 4/6/2018
I’ve been raised in st.pete all my life An I finally moved out of st.pete Read More

Not Quite What It Seems - 2/2/2018
St. Pete wants to present itself as a cool, hip liberal town that is 'open for business.' it might be open for business but none of the rest is true.

It is deceptive, because if you just visit downtown you see all of these restaurants and nightclubs and it seems pretty cool. And I will admit, that part of it isn't bad. The waterfront area on the bay is really nice and riding my bike from the pools at North Shore to work every day south of the university was awesome.

The truth is, it is a lot more backward than it seems at first. It is actually a lot more racist than the Atlantic side of Florida. A lot more small-town and not in a good way. It wants to be a real place and attract talent, but it doesn't want any riff-raff, and regards all thinking people as riff-raff.

The schools are really bad so you must send your kids to private school. The restaurants seem great at first, then they seem all the same. Interesting food is non-existent. It is Read More

Something for everyone - 1/28/2017
This website is saying every town I look at has a decline in Real Estate value. That is not true. I'm a Realtor and homes are rapidly rising in price. Even foreclosures are sky rocketing in price and also declining in quantity. This used to be a high foreclosure area but there are hardly any left. The South side of St Pete still needs some work but downtown is thriving with restaurants, parks, shopping and museums. It is very lively and great for the younger crowd. The West side has the beach and great private schools, including the Admiral Farragut Academy that 2 of our astronauts attended. The weather is incredible (yes it's very hot in the summer) but winters are the best! So many events and restaurants to attend. Great area to retire to. Read More

Question! - 2/19/2016
Hi, I'm moving from the NYC area to Pinellas county shortly and would like to rent a trailer. Unfortunately I now have bad credit, and have been unable to work for the past year due to a disability. I don't yet receive disability benefits (still working on that) and will begin working once I get established again in a new location (I work from home and make about $35K a year..not enough to get by in NYC on your own, but I do what I love). But I do have money saved. Further, my rental history is spotty and outdated, due to having mostly lived with either roommates or family.

My question is, if I am willing to pay 3 months in cash up front + deposit, how easy might it be to rent a mobile home anywhere in Pinellas County? I would pay 6 months up front except I don't plan on being there long-term, just until I get my credit and proof of income straightened out and my boyfriend finds a new job.

Do I have a shot at someone renting to me? Not looking for anything Read More

St. Petersburg area remains a great place for acti - 7/30/2015
Towards the end of my career, I began searching for a good retirement location in the U.S, albeit one that offered a lower cost of living, consistently warmer weather, and close proximity to beautiful beaches. None of that pertains to cool, expensive coastal central and northern California where I used to live!

I wanted all the above but not in an isolated setting. My quest was for a relatively urban and cosmopolitan environment, albeit one with a less frenetic pace of life (and again less expensive!) than much of California. A lot of research and some on-the-ground travel suggested that the Tampa Bay area, and greater St. Petersburg in particular, seemed most nearly to fulfill all these requirements. Eight years after moving into a very pleasant townhome community located between St. Petersburg and Madeira Beach, it still seems like a very sound decision!

St. Petersburg and the remainder of Pinellas County has several hundred varied and well-established Read More

Depends... - 7/12/2015
There are three sides to St. Petersburg. There is the wealthy part with people who can afford nice homes and all of the great amenities the downtown area has. There is the southside which is pure ghetto. Then there is the rest of St. Petersburg, mixed neighborhoods with nice houses next to shacks, nice people stuck in neighborhoods where there are occasional prostitutes, crime, mouthy thugs,etc. When a house in the neighborhood sells you never know if the people who move in will be quiet and respectful or play their heavy bass music loud enough to vibrate your windows. I've been teaching here for 25 years and am truly hoping to move to the north when I retire. And... make no mistake all of you tourists who come in the winter and think it would be great to live here all year, summer is unbearable!!! Your a/c cannot keep up with the heat and your electric bills will be through the roof! So you will have to decide if St. Pete is right for you. Base your decision on the income you expect. Read More

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