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A gem in the midwest - 5/3/2019
I've lived here my whole life and it's a great place to raise a family. Lots of stuff to do,either it be sports,music,festivals, art or drama scene, outdoor activities galore. Lots of churches for people of faith,lots of bars and clubs for people who like to party. Fort Wayne had alot of job opportunities as well. Great schools and colleges as well. It's within 300 miles of alot of bigger cities in the midwest for close getaways. Love Indiana I just hate the winter. If ya like the cold you'll live it here year round. Read More

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City of Future - 4/14/2019
I've lived in the city for 5 months now. The city is definitely growing. Lots of jobs opportunities, incredibly affordable, best location ever and slowly turning into nice vibe city. It's slowly getting there and I enjoy every day being part of it and helping FW to one day be shoulder to shoulder with the biggest and strongest cities in the US. Not because that's important but because FW deserves it. Read More

Thriving Fort Wayne - 4/2/2015
I have lived here since August 2013 due to a new job. My $82,000 salary affords me a very comfortable life style. About 20 years ago, Fort Wayne lost a lost of manufacturing industry and since 2010, the city government has been working hard to reshape the businesses that call Fort Wayne home. Many upscale retail businesses are doing well here. Slowly, businesses are moving to the area. Consequently, more job options are becoming more available. There is a thriving community college (about 12,000 enrolled annually), Indiana University and Purdue University share a Fort Wayne campus (called IPFW), and private colleges with campuses are Trine University, Indiana Tech University, and University of St. Francis. With that many colleges in the area, cultural options abound. Growth is to the southwest and northwest sectors of town. The original areas of Fort Wayne are well maintained and provide old world charm. There is enough population (approx 250,000 within city limits; another Read More

At least it changes all the time - 7/27/2013
Fort Wayne has a lot of cloudy humid days but just when you start to get sick of the bad day an almost perfect weather day will slip in to help make up of the Read More

Fort Wayne is not a place to live! - 10/22/2011
The city is ran by greedy morons and does everything to line pockets of the city council members and do their personal agenda. The city, council, politicians, especially mayor Tom Henry, uses the city for his/hers personal gain and affluences. They do not treat the citizens with equally or with justice. I don't blame major corporation for pulling out. The city treated them (as citizens living in this city and the company) as bad as it does its tax paying blue collar workers/ citizens (us the 99). Fort Wayne has to be one of the worst places to live. Surely do not come here for the weather. It may have cheap housing here, but tell me why do we have such a high rate of homeless here? Something is really wrong here in Fort Wayne. Air and water quality is bad here(look at EPA statistics). Stress level for this city is about the highest in the nation and there is no quality here, just cheap house, but jobs here do not pay enough to make it worth it. A Lousy City and a poor excuse Read More

is there any african braiding shop in Fort Wayne? - 6/17/2011
In my search for the best place to live I found Fort Wayne. I am an african lady and I do braids, african braids. I hear that there is no african hair braiding shop in Fort Wayne, I dont know if my information is true or not. If someone can tell me how black ladies manage to get their hair done. I am planning to open an african hair braiding shop in Fort Wayne. I would like to know if it is a good idea. I need your advicesRead More

Good place to live - 2/17/2011
I grew up here wanting to live in the southern US; however, as I raise my family here I'm realizing it is very nice. The county schools rank pretty good. There are parks everywhere with several bike trails popping up everywhere. Theaters and shopping are ample. Cost of living is very low. And there is easy access to several major cities within 2-4 hours ie. Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, etc. We are also within a couple hours of the Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. If you like lake activities there are several clean lakes scattered throughout to the west and north of all sizes and price ranges. The only negative is that winters can drag on but if you dress right and drive responsibley you can manage with good spirits. I love how diverse our city is getting as minorities are making up close to 1/3-1/2 of our population. People are very helpfull and friendly in general with the southeast side of town as the exception. For business owners as myself Read More

Great Place to live. - 8/24/2010
I got out of the Navy in 2003 and moved to Fort Wayne. I was a MN native and my wife was a VA native. We both within a couple years fell in love with the city. It has that small town feel with the big city amenities. We love going to the new Tin Cap stadium to watch a baseball game. The festivals start in May and don't end till November. We have 3 kids and it is hard to think about raising our kids in another place. Chicago is only 3 hours away, Cincinatti is 4, and many other close places to get to. There is a wonderful Zoo and Science Museum. If any one is looking to come it is great. Maybe not for the young people looking for a big city Read More

what are safe areas - 8/3/2010
Ok so I am 24 and I am moving to Indy. I'm from Fort Wayne. I am having the hardest time finding a Safe place to live. I am a mother of three young children and I am also a loving foster parent. I am on a budget as far as rent goes. I am looking for a home apartment-house whatever is in the price of 700-850 range. I am told the eastside is bad and southside. I've heard pike is a good area but can anyone give me advice as to where to move or what areas/townships are safe and family oriented. Also what charter or magnet schools are good. Thank you, Kandace Read More

My thoughts after 6 years in Fort Wayne - 7/16/2010
After living in Fort Wayne for 6 years, and now just recently moving off to Indy, one of the largest things I've noticed so far is the change in traffic patterns. I loved Fort Wayne traffic in general because there very rarely any bottlenecks, even during rush-hour, even on the freeway. Plus, as a bonus to my lead foot (and as a consequence of not having a lot of congestion and cops that have better things to do), you can get away with speeding pretty much everywhere you go. In fact, I'd take that one step further in saying that although the people in Indy 'speed' more, it's because the speed limits seem to be considerably lower in Indy than in Fort Wayne.

In terms of gay life, although Indiana is in 'The Bible Belt' of the country, and general attitudes are on the conservative side, I never once felt unsafe displaying gay PDA. There are two primary gay bars in Fort Wayne - Babylon (Babs) and Afterdark (AD). They're owned by the same person, who is almost always a Read More

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4715 Trier Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 2.0 |

1517 Farwood Ave
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1819 Dawn Ave
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2814 Stinson Dr
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8825 Conway Ct
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4825 Blum Dr
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