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All there is to know about MN from living there - 7/19/2019
July 19 2019: Heat Index 107 F
December 29 2017: "Feels like" -23 Read More

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Honest Opinion from an Outsider - 6/14/2019
Pros: Instagram worthy skyline, Multiple small- to medium-size Fortune 500 companies (money and jobs); Intermodal transit; Affordable housing; Decent education (primary and secondary outpace than post-secondary options); Tens of thousands of tiny yet intricate lakes (some in the city, lots in the suburbs); Nature friendly (most of the city and Metro does not feel condensed and allows for a lot of green space); Nationally renowned dining; And many more...

Honestly, if you can mind the cons, it’s the perfect place to live.

Cons: Near arctic weather (most locals consider the warmer days as tolerable); Urban sprawl (do not expect to live in a medium- to high-rise building, those are reserved specifically for the articulately planned CBD); Post-war 20th century highway system (most of the Metro - neighborhoods and suburbs - are not walkable nor densely populated, they are separated by tiny degrading highways), even the downtown which once had so much potential for Read More

Challenging place, but possibly worth it. - 6/27/2018
Disclaimer - yes I am a transplant, from another smaller midwestern city. Minnesota is not a place you just casually move to, you must think hard about here. Let's get this out of the way - if you're a pussy about winter, you will fail here. Unlike many cities further south, you will get a consistent four seasons, with winter being rather brutal at times, sometimes going late into April. Get good winter gear, and go outside and sled or something. Though the summers make up for it in that they aren't really that hot - low 80s for a high is common even in July.

You've probably read plenty about how native Minnesotans are passive aggressive, reserved, narrow minded in some ways, and easily offended. They are in fact all of that. They are not easy people to deal with, and the passive aggression will make even daily life challenging. They can take a lot of effort in order to befriend.

That said, I've had quite a bit of success making friends here. All of my Read More

VERY, VERY, VERY underrated - 6/6/2018
I absolutely LOVE this city!

And would put this in my Top 10 cities in the country easily...

No order:
-New York
- Los Angelos
- Washington DC
- Chicago
- Seattle
- San Francisco
- Atlanta
- Minneapolis
- Boston
- One of the Texas top 3 (would be LAST)

*Again, that list is no particular order and I am a "Texas native".... so i am a little "biased" towards the Texas cities but

I absolutely love Minneapolis

- INTENSE, deathly winters... they are VERY, VERY intense here! I own a newer convertible and don't drive that one up when I am in Minneapolis winters because it simply will NOT survive! The coldest winters in the country BAR NONE!!
- "In or you're out" type mentality... I will get to this later
- Can be a pretty expensive city with all the taxes and having to pay/prepare for winter weather.

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It’s probably you not them - 5/2/2018
Having read the negative reviews of Minneapolis residents, I can say the poster’s should take a good long look at themselves....

I lived in the twin cities area for a few years before moving to the mountains of Montana to ski, fish and hunt. I’ve visited almost every major American city and hundreds of midsize cities on both coasts, The West, Midwest, Southwest and New England. I lived in Chicago (mixed views on Chi-town), Phoenix (blast oven strip mall hell where everything looks the same, every day is the same, people are either retirees from all over the country and can’t drive or they’re made of plastic and leather), Michigan (sad economic decline but I still love Michigan...I’m rootin’ for ya Detroit!.... you looked great last summer and happy to see you’re growing again!!) and currently live in and love Duluth (Outside Magazines #1 city to work and play).

Duluthians travel regularly to Minneapolis to do city and non-city stuff.... concerts, Vikings Read More

People are friendly and polite, lots of activities - 4/24/2018
I love Minneapolis. People are usually quite polite and friendly (different neighborhoods can have quite different vibes). A lot of businesses have their base here: Target, Best Buy, 3M, Medtronic, UnitedHealth. The theater scene is very strong, led by the Guthrie and the Children’s Theatre. Some wonderful art museums in the Walker, MIA. People embrace and support education and the environment. There are many lakes, parks, trails. Winter may take getting used to, but, especially if you have an attached garage, it’s not bad and often Read More

Where dreams go to die - 1/3/2018
I completely agree with all the negative reviews about this god-forsaken state/city.

I had initially believed this state was fine as in I didn't have any strong feelings one way or the other. I didn't have many friends growing up and didn't make lasting friends until college. This I chalked up to my small town life and felt the city just had more opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Then I left Minnesota to live for a brief time on the coast. When I came back, I reconnected with my old friends, but things were different. Had their smiles always been so fake? Had they always engaged in this much shallow, superficial conversation? Even getting them to talk about their jobs was difficult, as it felt like they believed you were only asking to be "polite."

That I feel is the most significant problem with Minnesota is everything is done for appearances. People say things like "Oh we should totally get together," and not really mean it. "How have Read More

Weird People - 10/25/2017
It's pretty cathartic reading the other reviews and realizing I'm not only one super uncomfortable with Minnesota space alien culture. I've lived here for 14 years and never felt like one of them, which is a good thing as my goal as a person is not to be a sheltered, passive aggressive, artificially folksy bag of powdered milk in human form.

Upon relocating to a suburb here at 15, the first thing I realized is that I would NOT have any friends. Since I was not a 3rd generation Norwegian with a cabin up north, a car radio set permanently to Prairie Home Companion reruns and a 5'10 blonde girlfriend made of Bakelite and Starbucks vanilla lattes, I just gave up on meeting people and went to the library to study during the lunch hour. The few shallow acquaintances (which is all you are allowed to have if not born here) I had just called me "Iowa kid" cuz, of course, I was from literally a state away making me extra despised.

Over a decade later, I have taken on Read More

Big City Appeal With Smug & White Trash Values - 8/25/2017
I used to work for a company based in MSP so I had the distinct "pleasure" of visiting nearly half a dozen times.

Let's start with the positives: There are some very nice and genuine people here. Not everyone is "Minnesota Nice" but the stereotype seems to suck in the majority. It's a very clean city with good biking trails and parks. It's more affordable to buy a house and raise a family compared to the coasts. There are a lot of Fortune 500 companies based here, so unemployment is a non issue.

The bad - well, there's a ton. The passive aggressive element is real and as someone who was raised in Northern NJ, this type of tone (especially in the business world) is downright unacceptable. People are shallow and extremely insular - as in the coastal cities are frightening and intimidating and anywhere outside the city is too far and unknown. Yet many are "progressive" and are card carrying Democrats who tug the party line. If you even mildly criticize any Read More

Not throwing up my hat in Mpls. - 1/31/2017
I lived there 20 years and not only did I feel the lack of friendliness to outsiders (plenty of surface friendly) but so did a lot of other outsiders I talked to about the problem. Oh, you can work there, you can raise your kids there, pay taxes, freeze your patootie too. But, you're still not a native so don't go looking for any close friends. I grew up in Wisco. and though it is cold, MN. is COLDER! Much COLDER for longer. One year it started at Halloween and ran right into Easter. 40 below for 2 weeks and that didn't include the wind chill. House prices are high if you want a fairly nice one. But, the biggest (in my op.) and well-hidden problem is this: you might find a great vintage house in an inner city suburb. Pay a pretty price for your little piece of heaven. And, there you are, sitting in your lovely though rather buggy backyard and suddenly you hear a rumble first then see a long line of large planes passing just above the tree line. Yes, folks, it's enough to shake you Read More

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