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St. Louis : A Renaissance City - 4/28/2019
St. Louis is a city on the brink of becoming great again. I’ve been a resident of St. Louis since 2001, living just about every where (North County, St. Charles, South County), but now make my home in the beautiful Benton Park neighborhood of the City of St. Louis. The city gets a bad wrap for crime, but people fail to realize that crime happens everywhere! The media sensationalism is ridiculous. I feel safe, my wife and 2 daughters feel safe. In relation to violent crime, if you go looking for trouble, you’ll probably find it.

St. Louis has ton of free cultural things to do, with more amenities being built as we speak. It’s a great place to raise a family in that regard. Schools are ok, better if you can get your child into a magnet school, if you live in the City. My philosophy on schools is that teachers don’t show up daily to not teach children. There is a degree of learning that has to happen at home to make your child successful, so I don’t typically fall into the Read More

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Undiscovered Gem - 2/11/2017
So much culture, either completely free or very low cost, and of a quality that you would expect in a much larger city. Major food city, James Beard award winners every year, crossroads of cuisine types. Huge theater scene. Botanical Garden one of top 3 in the world. It just goes on and on. Many lovely neighborhoods in the city and in the inner ring suburbs. People are SO friendly. Inexpensive. What's not to love? Read More

ST Louis is The worst place to live. EVER!!!!!!!!! - 7/27/2016
ST Louis is The worst place to live, especially if you have young children. Your children 3+? you Ok, but there is only so many times you can go to the zoo, Magic house or museums. 0 to 3.. NOTING to do at all!!!!! Summers are so horrible hot and hummed that you fell like a prisoner. Another this is Electricity black outs. LOOOONG ones too. 24hous + min. During the summer or winter. OMG. Can you belie it? In this day and age St Louis till runs on steam!!!!Violent weather, tons of bugs .UGH
People: All stairs.... What school did you go to.???? Who cares. They are born and almost never get out .The only few people that move around see that there is better life out there. Its is NOT in St Louis. Sorry. Read More

St. Louis City - 4/13/2015
Best kept secret. Incredibly affordable and accessable. Beautiful neighborhoods with tree lined streets and quality historic brick homes. Art galleries, theatre and live music is more than abundent. World- class universities (over 20 colleges in the city). I doubt that there is a city in the U.S. that can match the cost of living, conveniences & amenities of St. Louis City. Read More

Saint Louis - 11/4/2014
Saint Louis sucks for black people. Yes, a lot of places sucks for black people, but Saint Louis really sucks for black people. If you are young, black & educated, I don't really think I need to advise you not to move to the STL area, but in case you didn't know..don't move to the STL area. The racism here is just along the lines of uncomfortable & altogether stupid. Also, if you are a single black female, especially over the age of 27, finding a half-way suitable mate is next to Read More

The St. Louis METRO area is not No 1 in crime - 11/1/2014
The St. Louis METRO area is not #1 in crime, not even close. Crime stats are being reported for the St. Louis City only and then compared to the metro stats for everyone else. That is comparing apples to oranges. Anyway- St. Louis Read More

St. Louis - 1/5/2014
It's Read More

DONT - 12/26/2013
Lived here all my life. I'll keep it short and sweet. Dangerous, Poor housing market, sorry race relations, racism, sagging job market, brutal winters, lazy cops (want to get away with a crime? Move to Ain't Louis, Misery). Plan to move when I can unload these two homes (had to rent one because the market was too bad to sell and the cops didn't put an end to the harassment from a neighbor, though they arrested her several times and she's had over 30 restraining orders). It's trying to grow, but why try to entice people to move here when they'll just get robbed/beaten/murdered anyway? Anytime a white person comments on how bad race relations are you know the city has a problem. People steal the shine off of spit. Porch plants, Xmas bows on doors, you name Read More

Believe the stats - 12/26/2013
Born and raised here, and looking for a place to relocate. Problem is, I have two homes I'll need to unload in a dismal housing market. Was being harassed by a neighbor and the cops did nothing, so I (and many others) had to rent our homes because we couldn't sell. Now I have two homes. I'm surrounded by renters because owners lost their homes, which means the neighborhood is declining. Therefore I HAVE to wait for the market to improve (4 bedroom next door sold for under $50,000). Violence is horrible. Dumb, senseless crimes by bored young adults and the legal system is a joke. Want to get away with a crime? Move to St. Louis. Only good thing about it is the cost of living. Otherwise it's like living in quicksand. And don't get me started on the racial tensions. When white people talk about how racist a city is you KNOW you have a Read More

Looking for a 3 bdr house, 1 bath in the city - 8/31/2013
Is it possible to find a house for under $16,000 in the inner city, if it's not in a gang area?
Thanks for your Read More

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10036 Conway Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 5

1015 Sylvan Pl
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1725 Kappel Ave
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1048 Westglen Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1

306 Westside Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1598 Mendell Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

7712 Springdale Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1


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