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Sure it's relative, but really it's awful - 10/9/2020
I have lived in Las Vegas for 22+ years. Essentially I grew up here, went through the Clark County School System, went to UNLV, started my career here. I've seen the city go from about 500k people to now about 3 million. Though I did grow up here, I have spent a lot of time elsewhere, with family all over the country- various cities, small towns, etc- I have experienced a lot of other places and I feel I can give an honest assessment of what Vegas is like.

What you think of Vegas is extremely relative- but it's not for me and I feel is getting worse and worse annually. Actually since Covid, it seems like it's declining monthly.

If you're from a crappy, expensive and large city-Vegas seems great because to you, it's affordable, there is a lot to do here entertainment wise, etc.
Most people who move here and tend to genuinely like it are typically young, single people who love to party, frankly tend to be shallow and are just looking to appear flashy, Read More

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Trying to be fair in my review - 7/31/2020
I recently went to Vegas on a 7 day vacation to see my new granddaughter. First the pluses: I like the mountainous views, the lights of the strip and the weather. Now the negatives: Most of the people that were nice to us were in the service industry such as on the strip or at a restaurant serving us. At places like stores such as grocery and Walmart the workers tended to be rude and or just didn't care to help the customers find what they were looking for and I even had an employee yell at me for trying to get a cart that he was getting ready to take back into the store. For a state that gives its citizens a pretty good social safety net compared to my home state of Texas, the people in Nevada seem to be just miserable. Back here at home at the stores the employees will go out of their way to help a customer find what they are looking for yet in Vegas at one Walmart 4 out of 5 employees pointed me to the wrong part of the store for an item and not one of them offered to show me in Read More

It's Vegas..... - 1/6/2020
If you like crowds, overpriced gimmicks, rampant prostitution, greed, scams on every corner, the stench of stale smoke, expensive food, expensive hotels, rude tourists, and losing all you've ever worked for....then welcome to Vegas! On an interesting note, those of us who live/work in the area avoid the strip like the plague. It's literally nothing but tourists. However, there's more to Las Vegas than the strip. North Vegas/Summerlin is a pretty nice area, but you won't avoid the slot machines. They are in every grocery store, pharmacy and every other place you could imagine. Vegas is cool to visit, but not great to Read More

Vacation is good and lived is suck - 7/16/2019
I was child in 1984 moved from California. Honest with you vacation is best but not for kids because there not enough fun for them. Don’t move there because employees are not easy find a job. I plan move out when I can. Vegas is very bored to lived. Never living on northwest, north, Northeast and east side of LV are very high crime from gangs. Read More

It’s hot, windy and too much crime - 4/4/2019
we moved from the Bay Area almost 4 years ago. We live in the lakes, and it’s nice for walking and biking if the weather permits, although where we lived in the Bay Area had much more to offer, but not as easy to access without a short drive. The cost of living is much cheaper here, but you get what you pay for. The summers are so unbearably hot. I don’t go outside during the day for many months. And the wind is ridiculous at times. It’s been a challenge to remember not to leave the outdoor furniture unattended ,otherwise it will end up in your pool or crashing into a window. In addition,everything becomes a dusty mess.

If I could, I’d move back to the Bay Area. Nothing beats the weather there, and it’s far more green not to mention the bay is lovely, but we cannot afford to buy our old home back if we wanted to. Although prices have increased here, they’re way below the value of California. We thought if the homes prices continue to go up, we may have a chance to Read More

Great plyace to live! - 3/16/2019
I am originally from Sothern California and moved to Las Vegas in 1991. In 1998 I moved to Central Florida, then Texas, back to Vegas. Yes, we move a lot. Everytime we left Vegas I missed it. We moved to Georgia, then Florida and I hate it and our final move is back to Vegas at the end of this year. My husband lived in Florida when I met him so it was a tug back and forth over the last 20 years.

Vegas is home for me. Vegas is more than the gambling and the Las zvegas Strip. Yes, it gets hot in the summer but there is virtually no humidity. The people I find are more friendly and outgoing. The spring and fall are fantastic and the winters are mild. The thing I found most amazing is that I never knew I had arthritis until I moved away from the dry desert. I have been suffering horribly since we moved back to Florida.

I am sure Vegas is not for everyone, but it is definitely for me and can hardly wait until we get back home! We ne more thing..
No state Read More

Horrible-Must Read - 3/10/2019
I’ve lived all over the world-literally. Most of my life in Europe but also New Orleans, Los Angeles and South Florida as well as in Asia. DO NOT COME HERE. This city is crooked, corrupt, morally bankrupt and everyone has an angle, a dark past, issues, IT IS LITERALLY A MIRAGE.

Firstly this is where bad people come to reinvent themselves. Google your doctors, dentists, everyone you do any kind of business with. The city is literally an AYCE (all you can eat) city, a Groupon city, a scam and con artist city.

The glamour of The Strip IS NOT SO GREAT and even if you LOVE it, as soon as you leave it’s another world. Most communities are built to house a workforce mainly for The Strip but also for local businesses and professionals (un-proffesionals usually). They literally, no joke, put apartment complexes up in about 3 weeks, neighborhoods are literally like this: Raze the area of desert-takes a week or two, the street entrance to the soon-to-be community is Read More

Cool visit but I'd never want to live here - 1/25/2019
My unbiased review. From a guy born and raised in Dallas. Las Vegas is a shock when I first saw it from the plane. I'm used to flat land, country music, and the Dallas Cowboys. Anybody from Dallas or have ever been. You know there's NOTHING out there or in TX period that looks like Vegas. However Sin city is exactly what it is. I'm walking down the strip and I'm getting handed literally porn flyers. So it definitely not a city I'd recommend taking children. 2nd hand smoke is a SERIOUS issue here. The people I've met here are friendly. Some are very rude. Lyft drivers are from all over the USA and the world I guess. Will tell you about their lives and the Lyft driver today that took me to Walmart. I just asked if he was from Vegas. He asked WHY?! WHY?!!!! I'm like ooooookay I'll keep to myself. He picks up a girl across the highway which has apartments and town houses that looks like desert slums. Very poor, old and run down. I take it there's a lot of racism here because people here Read More
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Tourist Trap, But Not for Living In. - 12/29/2018
Highly recommended if you want to do nothing but drink, gamble, club hop and shop. Otherwise, avoid. AT ALL COSTS. Vegas is a cesspool of garbage. A friend and I moved out here from Cali two years ago, as the cost of living was (unfortunately) much too high for us and Vegas seemed convenient. With a rapidly escalating cost of living and a rapidly decreasing quality of life, we're regretting our decision to move here. Sorry, but we aren't used to brain-dead zombies with corroding souls. People that worship this place must do nothing but drink, gamble, drink and gamble. Then sleep.

If you're interested in hockey, you'll find a bit of a community here. Golden Knights fans are pretty enthusiastic. Outside of hockey, though, unless you're some highroller at a casino or a member of a golf club, good luck with finding a strong, welcoming community. People here are pretty ugly-and I'm not talking about on the outside.

Unless you're into 350+ days of sunshine, with Read More

WORST CITY ON EARTH - 12/19/2018
I cannot bring myself to give this a single star. Where do I even begin. My family moved here about 4 years ago, I started a business so I have the misfortune of being an employer too. This is without a doubt the most corrupt, heinous and hideous city I ever have lived in and I will say, I LIVED ALL OVER THE WORLD-including Dubai, all over Europe, SE Asia and in several cities in USA. Nowhere on Earth compares to this. I feel s strongly I would go as far as to say the city should be wiped off the face of the Earth-completely dismantled. Firstly-just geography, YOU ARE NOWHERE. This is a city that is 4 hours and 30 minutes at best from the next major city, Los Angeles. That 4 hours and 30 seconds makes a huge difference, there the weather is pretty consistent all year-HERE, miserable summers that you and your children and pets can literally get a burn just by getting into a car, then cold winters. There is Read More

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