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Dirty water. Nasty. - 11/20/2018
I don't agree with the water quality rating. The tap water quality (on the LV Strip) is absolutely disgusting. I wouldn't want to wash my dirty shoes in Read More

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Difficult and depressing place to live - 9/25/2018
Visited three different dentists and told three completely different things. Scammers afoot in Sin City. Very difficult place to live from the brutal heat to the heartless and rude populace. People look rough and dirty. No quality, nothing professional exists. Replaced my car battery twice and a/c in three years. Vegas is a fail and I will celebrate my upcoming Read More

Put on hold when calling police - 6/27/2018
Las Vegas is the only place I've lived where I was put on hold when calling 911. Check out the Yelp reviews on Vegas police departments and you'll see. Another time I gave up on 311 when I was on hold for over an hour. This city is truly the wild west where you fend for yourself.

A Summerlin Resident aka "nice, upscale Read More

The city you love to hate - 6/22/2018
I have lived in Las Vegas and movef 4 times over tge past 20 years, originally from Detroit area, lived in Florida too, sooo glad to be back, many opportunities here if you are not lazy, Lake Mead, Mt. Charleston, Red Rock, shows on tge strip, buffets. GREAT location, get to coast in less than 5 hours. Vegas is a melting pot, if youre a racist dont come here. We have the Holden Knights, and Raiders coming, great time to be living here, prices going up so come abd buy soon. neighborhoods are diverse and youl find great areas just research it.God is good, Vegas Strong????  Read More

Vegas is no longer fun - 5/24/2018
I am embarrassed to admit this is my third and last time living in Vegas. This place used to be so much fun ten+ years ago. Now, it's a living nightmare.

- everyone is out to scam - realtors, house appraisers, pool/hot tub cleaners, ponzi scheme neighbors, dentists, doctors, HVAC service people, Kinetico water system, Cox is the worst out of any other state I've lived (5 states) name a vendor, they're out to rip you off

- parking fees make planning a night out a HUGE and expensive hassle

- entertainment has plummeted into the gutter. Has beens and even cover bands (which used to be free) now cost $30+ a show. There's a 9% entertainment tax slapped on every show!

- TERRIBLE, SCARY DOCTORS! When in pain get on a plane! Best dr. is the one at the other end of McCarren Airport! I've taken a dentist to the medical board for trying to scam me out of thousands. Look up your doctor before you go on the Nevada State Read More

Las Vegas is EXACTLY what you think it is - 5/20/2018
- No history and no future

- Profound cultural naivety

- Rude, brash people who offer no warmth or hospitality.

- High crime

- Nil job market outside of hospitality

- Two seasons, hot and cold

- Worst retail offerings, stuck in the 1990s

- Worst produce, nothing is fresh, nothing is local and everything is from Fresno and priced like it is from Hawaii.

- No family oriented dining scene, all chains.

- No access to real civilization other than the local scum

- Worst, most dangerous driving conditions due to the 24/7 lifestyle and stress that comes with hundreds of thousands of people in poverty and/or some other type of serious distress.

- Inescapable gambling and drinking scene, it is even in public restrooms.

- Lackluster education system to the tone of slot machines in the short distance.

- No interest and Read More

Better than i had expected - 4/8/2018
Had been coming to vegas for vacation several times a year for about 15yrs before opting to not only move here but also buy a house. Always something to do, very inexpensive, my house has more than doubled in price and the taxes are still under $1k a year. No state tax and 24/7 everything. Good mix of people here. Some areas are more sketchy than others but thats how it is everywhere. And yes it gets hot in June and July but its dry not humid. August is typhoon month and the rain drops the temperature by 10-15 degrees. Overall theres always something to do and cost of living is great. And the only traffic i run into is on the 15 near downtown and generally just use side streets. Read More

I don't live in Las Vegas - 3/21/2018
This is a positive review. Why? Because I've compared numerous cities, some considered "destination cities" where you'd think people would like to brag about being from. They all have been trolled to death with haters hating on them on this website. bad reviews galore. Conservative cities are too conservative. Liberal cities are too liberal. yadda yadda yadda. Seems NO ONE likes where they live regardless of where it is they live. So why Las Vegas and why 5 stars? Why not. I've been there 3 or 4 times as a tourist and I never ventured anywhere other than the Vegas Strip, Fremont Street and then down to Hoover Dam so what do I know about living there. NOTHING. However, Las Vegas is the one city that I keep saying "I want to go back there again." Chicago? Been there many times. Eh, if I never go back no biggie. Miami? Forget it. I will NEVER go back there. UGH! St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Milwaukee - These are carbon copy cities, all about the Read More

Toontown. - 3/15/2018
Complaints about heavy traffic are common for every city, but since so many adore Vegas, I'll just go ahead and say it: it takes 30 mins to go a 10-15 min distance. If not longer. If you're on the bus, it'll take you 40-45 mins to go a 15 min distance during high traffic.

There are so many fatal traffic accidents here, injury attorneys must have an income that rivals a bartender's and card dealer's income. The attorneys probably make more than the police.

For the most part, people are incredibly unfriendly, and it's a sentinent shared by many that move from other cities to Vegas. People from Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington and California have told me how disappointed they are in the ugliness of Vegas citizens.

If you're from California, Washington or any state that fosters a strong community spirit, moving to Vegas will be an excruciating culture shock. Moving from a city like Huntington Beach, California to Vegas would be like moving from a Read More

Been here for three years and loathe it. - 2/24/2018
Perfect if you love the idea of doing nothing but gambling, shopping, drinking, eating and jumping around in nightclubs. Maybe throw in a show or two. Avoid if your to-do list goes outside of those activities.

Do not move here if you are from California or any other place that celebrates diversity/culture/nature/life/anything unrelated to gambling or drinking.

There are a FEW things to do outside of flinging around the Fashion Show Mall or a casino, but even less if you're looking for free activities to enjoy. For free activities, the Sahara West Library will be your best bet. Affordable activities: Red Rock Canyon and Springs Preserve.

Restaraunts and stores are pretty much all chain stores. Don't expect pretty, thriving boutiques or pleasant, sun-kissed promenades. Many small stores close down.

People are overall filthy and unbearably rude. Many can't even say 'hello' or 'thank you'. Just look at them and you'll see how ugly they Read More

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8872 White Harbor Ave # YLR5KY
Bed 4 | Bath 3.5

924 Wild Skies Dr # KNJU8L
Bed 4 | Bath 3.5

2850 S Mojave Rd LOT B
Bed 9 | Bath 9.0

9339 Pyrope Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0

8253 Timely Treasures Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0

628 Jojoba Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0

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