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Save yourself, visit maybe but don't live. - 1/19/2020
I've lived here for the past 20 years, NY has not changed, the minor changes are things for attractions for tourists nothing has been done for the people living here. Crime is still crazy, Housing/living is a major scam, New York is a dream killer, not a maker. Read More

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new pork city - 12/21/2019
NY's always been rubbish. It was rubbish 30 years ago, and it;s rubbish now. I am not a huge fan of NY or it's surrounding suburbs. It's where being mean is the norm. If someone's nice to you, you start asking yourself, why's this person being nice. Does he have an alterior motive? It;s like the worst people from all over the world all decided they would move to NY. The people of NY are what makes the area so bad. New Yorkers are a bunch of savages. I injured my foot once, and took the elevator in the subway, and a crazed New Yorker with a heavy New York accent was harasing me about not being old or in a wheel chair. Aparently to them, only permanently disabled, or seniors can take the elevator. Another crazed New Yorker kept banging on the door of the bathroom in a medical building. And when I didn't open the door for him, he became very triggered. My first impression of New Yorkers is that they are greedy, and selfish. Not all, but that's the impression they give me when compared Read More

Biggest wasted opportunity in the USA - 8/9/2019
I moved to new york when I came to the USA from Dominican republic, and it took for my parents and me to move to FL to see how bad NYC is. I unfortunately find myself here again because in my line of work, it's a lot easier to find work in NYC and then transfer to a better place.

1. prohibitively expensive: obviously any city is gonna be more expensive than the surrounding area, but oh my god living here is expensive. housing is the biggest part of that, no doubt in big part to all the gov't regulations on rent control making it very risky to build here, which leads to my second problem:

2. oppressive, bloated ineffective government: NYC has to have the biggest, most overreaching state and local government in the country, besides maaaaaybe San Francisco. the burden of regulation is a big reason living here is so expensive, and it makes opening up a business unnecessarily difficult. basic american rights like firearm ownership are effectively nonexistent, and Read More

New York Rocks - 12/4/2018
Love New York Read More

New York has many issues very expensive - 6/15/2018
New York has always been expensive but I think even the least expensive areas are around $1800 in Manhattan just for a studio apartment. City is very safe for a city this size but not safe like a small city or town. Public transportation is great but not cheap. Need a good paying job to live Read More

Compare with Minneapolis - 10/9/2016
I am lacking sunshine and am depressed w the gloom and long length of winter. Should I move to Read More

Hard to Find Affordable Housing - 2/25/2016
The New York City housing market is pricey and competitive. It is nearly impossible to find an apartment that rents for less than $1000 per month. As a result, many people share an apartment or rent a room. Room rental is a very common solution for the housing problem. Craigslist is widely used to bring tenants and landlords together. Read More

Manhattan is its own city now let's save the plane - 12/5/2015
You are misleading your readers by including Manhattan, New York in with New York City, in which you state that 8 counties are included with that one city ... Ummmm NO and the population for Manhattan is definitely not over 8 million people with a median household size of 2.6 or whatever. But they have done the same thing in Los Angeles (taken most but not all of the cities within the County of Los Angeles calling it one city (including the San Fernando Valley starting in Woodland Hills which now has matching signs to prove we are indeed Los Angeles with 4 million plus residents and bringing changing the median income, household size, etc ... Bringing the middle and rich down and the poor up. How can u compare for example a million dollar brownstone (owned apartment or townhouse in CA) in Manhattam to anything not in Manhattan or even to rent a place in the "city" costs 4K or more for a one bedroom. That's like in California grouping my 289k condo to whatever u would find in say Read More

NYC - 11/16/2015
I've worked in NYC for just over 17 years. Read More

NYC.. It has it all - 7/11/2015
Living in Manhattan my whole life and having traveled the wide world, i consider NYC to be the center of my universe. East to west, from lower Manhattan to half up the island at about 110th St, everything a person wants and needs in life can be found here, except a beach.
Culture, restaurants, parks and recreation, shopping, hospitals and health care, the 4 seasons, public transport , craziness and solitude, and a train , bus or ferry ride away from the other 4 boroughs that comprise the whole of NYC. It takes a lifetime or two just to see all of Manhatta ( as the Native Indians called it), referring to this "island of hills". Home of the knish, pizza slices, the pastrami on rye sandiwich, burgers, hot dogs, NY Yankees, NY Mets, NY Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, NY Rangers, NY Islanders, NY Giants and NY Jets...what else did i miss? 24/7 ..the city never sleeps but when you need to escape you eventually come home to Read More

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150 W End Ave Apt 1K
Bed 0 | Bath 1

250 Mercer St Apt C310
Bed 0 | Bath 1

532 17th St
Bed 0 | Bath 0

33 W 67th St Unit 2RE
Bed 1 | Bath 1

784 Park Ave Unit 9B
Bed 4 | Bath 5

207 E 74th St Ph A
Bed 1 | Bath 1

10-12 160 St
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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