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Pretty on the outside, rotten on the inside. - 8/6/2019
If you're an introvert with no intention to make relationships during your stay 5/5

If you're of church going stock and the resolve to deal with every day drama 5/5

If you're someone with an open mind and looking for a forever home to drop some roots and make friends. . . No, just find someplace better. 1/5

I first moved here in 2008 as a high school student. Being a military brat I have met all shades of people from all walks of life. This has always been the most hostile environment I have ever lived. The only time people are genuine is when they're driving (which I wont even get into, it's just beyond frustrating). The folks that I have found to be true and kind around here are the people that aren't native to the area. To be fair some natives are perfectly considerate, at least the middle class folk are. If you're ever unfortunate enough to brush shoulder with the true high class blue bloods of the Upstate you'll know it. This place is Read More

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Moving here was the best decision we ever made. - 6/7/2019
I couldn't disagree more with all these negative comments. My wife and I moved down here from Ohio 9 years ago. We now have 2 small children and we love Greenville! The climate is so much better than the north, the winters are very mild, very little snow and you'll get nice days in the 60's in january. The heat is a little intense in the summer, but very tolerable compared to 6 months of winter in Ohio. Downtown Greenville is beautiful, safe, and bustling with things to do. I got a good paying job that didn't exist in recession riddled Ohio. We are grateful for the nice life we have here.
The culture here is a bit different than up north but i haven't experienced anything that some of these negative posters are speaking of. In my opinion there are jerks everywhere and I would advise you to stop seeing racism/bigotry in every negative interaction you have. The very definition of bigotry is not liking someone because they are different than you. Just because someone goes to church Read More

Not worth the struggle to live here. - 5/6/2019
Not worth the struggle to live here. I lived here for 15 years. No shortage of jobs, but companies treat employees like total garbage. Everyone I worked with said that’s just how it is here. One job was ok until they got bought out and ran off half the workers. I worked in HVAC, and my wife worked in food service while going to college to get her medical degree. Education was so bad my wife switched to a college in another state to finish her degree.

Very unfriendly people. If you don't go to the same church as they do, or are not religious, they will put you down. Saw that happen at a couple different jobs to people I worked with that always worked hard, showed up on time, and did a good job. What gives them the right to judge people? They should read the Bible a little closer and stop being a bunch of lying hypocrites. The people are nice to your face, but give them the chance they will stab you in the back. Not everyone is bad. There is a small group of very nice Read More

Stay Away - 2/6/2019
I live here. It's full of hateful, bigoted, superstitious (by that I mean "God-fearing'), ignorant Trumpanzees. I boycott the nearest convenience store because the clerk said she loves Trump. Only come here if you want to drown in a morass of white privilege and ignorance. Otherwise, STAY Read More

Not good at all - 2/1/2019
The job economy here is not good at all. I moved here 8 years ago and have applied to numerous jobs. All I have ever been able to get were minimum wage retail jobs. I have a degree and experience. So that is why I think it is time to relocate. Also the weather is disgusting and this whole state is full of disgusting bugs. Read More

The small city of GVL is nice but not the majority of popolous that inhabit it. Coming to a company to direct and teach to progressively, deomcratically, ecologically, humanity forward (non-racist issues, gender, preference of sex in love and identiy, etc...) Well, basically waste of the copmany's time and why the states were never great. The arrogance, low self esteemed egostric (God-complex) of men/women in still not being interacial bc their background of slavery. That should basically, be a huge detterent in not expecting anything progressive with the poplous born and raised, and joined by like minded. They all remind me of the sick white people that was brillantly dictated and shown in the movie "GET OUT". They act like they are better then anyone in every regard and still judge you for knowing they are the real devil's and it's their hell. Want to play in their playground? NEVER AGAIN! Read More

AMAZING City - 2/12/2018
I moved to Greenville, SC from Chicago about 12 years ago. I have had the good fortune of living across the US from AZ, to MO, MT, IL, NC and now SC. I can honestly say, the physical climate, and the business climate, are amazing. The mountains are beautiful. The people, the culture, the education, the food, and the art could not be better. This city has truly blown me away. Read More

Beautiful city, nice climate, people are cold - 11/14/2017
If you are not Southern, not a Baptist, believe in evolution and carbon dating this may not be the place for you. People here insist that the earth is 5,000 years old, evolution is a lie, etc. I had no idea that people still believed these things until I came here. I travel to Asheville every chance I get, people seem nicer and more intelligent on average. The weather is usually really nice. I lived in Miami most of my life, also New York and London. Therefore, the humidity doesn't bother me because I've seen worse. Neighbors don't tend to befriend neighbors here. This place is a magnet for religious zealots, and trust me, religion doesn't make people nicer, it makes them judgmental and critical. They tend to run with the folks in their churches, where they all feel they are chosen by God for something special. Religion is like a drug here, and they criticize other religions. I feel more like a foreigner here than I did living in England for 3 years. Having said that, the cost of Read More

This city is a nightmare with a makeover - 10/11/2017
I must say. This city is the biggest, in the small state of SC. It has had an upgrade or makeover to fool you, asthetically. Just like the fake majority of people that occupy it. It is the center of the Bible regards to the cult of Southern Baptist religion. Bob Jones University for starters. Bob Jones the 3 was caught quoting in the past few years. "Gays should be stoned to death." The state ranks in lowest in education for starters. Amongst other horror statics it excels in the lowest. However, highest in double the nation to women dying to men. The small town mindset of people is a horror movie like, Deliverance. They stare and gossip with an old school slave mentality. They are big believers in their, ignorance and generational abuses passed down. The area people raved about was as if it were...Naperville, IL or Beverly Hills. The Augusta Road area...Which, is extremly disturbing. The schools like Furman. Graduates act like they attended an Ivy Leage.It's cheap to live Read More

More things they don't tell you... - 3/5/2017
As the other post mentioned, there's a lot they don't tell you about Greenville and the surrounding area. Yes, it's racist, but the discrimination goes both ways-- white on black and vice versa.

It's also home to a medical system cesspool. Both the GHS and St. Francis systems enter your personal medical data on a computer program called MyChart. Once input, your data is accessible by virtually anyone in any medical office. The fun begins when incompetent medical practitioners enter inaccurate info about you. Sometimes the notes are downright libelous. And, you have no choice about your info being on MyChart for anyone in any medical office to see. They don't even have the courtesy to ask your permission.

If you must see a medical specialist, see one in the St. Francis system. Or, you can also find one in a group called Brio, which doesn't use MyChart. Better yet, get your medical care in Asheville, NC, where the medical personnel are a lot more Read More

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16 Cottage Knoll Cir
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