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Lived here for over 30 years - 12/27/2020
I’ve lived in Houston for over 30 years. I want to leave so badly but I have to take care of my elderly mother. The job market is not what people say it is, the freeway is a battlefield (people get shot while driving pretty often), the heat is terrible, the architecture sucks (this has to be one of the ugliest major cities in the world), we have a huge homeless animal problem because people don’t know how to fix their pets, and there’s nothing unique about the city. We don’t have cool art stuff. Everything feels contrived and half-assed here. We even got our own version of the Chicago bean. Why? Why can’t we have our own this? This city Read More

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Great culture/diversity, bad air quality/weather - 8/7/2020
I've lived in Houston 12 years. The food, diversity, people, job opportunities are fantastic, I actually really love this city. The air quality, weather, and crime? I'm over it. If you have asthma, just don't bother. The city literally sends out asthma awareness text alerts on the worst Read More

Lived there for 35 years. Lived it, loved it. - 1/31/2020
I lived in H-town for 35 great years. Work took me away, and I miss it terribly.
It's not the prettiest place you'll ever see, nor the most enjoyable summers.
However, when you take a moment to look at the character of its citizenry, you'll see something pretty impressive, and dare I say, beautiful. For a huge city, the people were pretty darn congenial. You can get into a conversation just riding the elevator, no joke. There's a likable optimism in the populace.
You can have Ethiopian food for breakfast, English for lunch and Albanian for dinner, if you wish. With 4K plus restaurants....yeah, we like to eat well.
I do believe more people in Houston are non-native (like me), than those that were from there. I never had a bad time or heard someone moaning that "we had a great town until other people moved here" nonsense.
It's a welcoming city, that strongly believes in creating entrepreneurs. The Medical Center is one of the best on the planet. LBJ Read More

As Someone Who's Lived in Houston for 2 decades.. - 1/14/2020
As someone who's lived in Houston for 2 decades I am a COMPLETE local of this city! But if somebody asked me if I like it, I'd say hell no!

The topography of this place is entirely too flat. So flat that it provides no interesting scenery or landscapes to be found anywhere except for high isolated areas.

There are too little sidewalks and walkable areas, which is productive for your cardiovascular health and keeping yourself in shape. Not only that, but walking is more than health, humans were literally evolved to walk and walking helps you get things off your mind and bring you a state of peace. The fact that you can barely walk in this area to let off some steam is ridiculous. And let's not talk about the crazy, disrespectful drivers who try to run over pedestrians for DARING to walk.

The weather here is SHIT. It's either too hot or constantly raining. It's actually very warm out here for winter which I suppose is because of the shitty Read More

The Most Amazing Place on Earth ??!!! - 9/9/2019
I was born and raised in the greatest country on the planet, Tex.., oh yeah, I forgot, I mean, I was born and raised in the greatest state in the United States of America, Read More

Houston -- Not What It Once Was - 8/16/2019
I've lived in Houston since the mid-'70s, apart from a five year stint in the early '80s and a four year stint in the 2010's. During those years Houston has changed from being an up-and-coming optimistic sunbelt employment mecca to being so huge that it has every major city urban problem to go with the perennially insufferable summers and giant cockroaches it has always had.

One redeeming thing about Houston is the relative openness of its business community. You don't have to be from here to succeed, unlike Dallas (dominated by Highland Park families) or San Antonio (Alamo Heights). Houston is a diverse basket of people from everywhere, and anyone can succeed on their merit. My Michigan-born wife hated Dallas, which felt closed off to "yankees", but she never got the same vibe in Houston. She felt right at home immediately.

Another great thing is that the cultural diversity here has resulted in some of the best restaurants anywhere in the world. You can Read More

The best of both worlds - 7/1/2019
After living all around the U.S. I have not been able to find another city like Houston. The city retains a small town identity, despite being a large cosmopolitan city with the amenities and attractions to compete with any city in the States. The city boasts world class museums, performance centers, sports teams and a booming nightlife. These modern day attractions make up for its lack of landmarks or historic buildings.

The city is rapidly growing and the downtown area is evolving into a lively Urban Center. The surrounding neighborhoods “inside the loop” have unique identities that create a diverse environment with a place for any type of resident or tourist.

Houston is the energy and healthcare capital of the United States. It’s strong economy produces an abundant number of high income jobs. This economic prowess is evident in the large number of luxury developments that are booming all over Houston especially in the western portion.

Read More

Houston Sucks - 7/1/2019
Houston Texas sucks MOOSEKNUCKLES I’m so happy I left that cesspool Read More

Don’t stay as long as I did...or just don’t come. - 6/25/2019
I moved here from California for a job transfer 10 years ago. I lost track of the amount of times I contemplated moving back in the first year...yet here I am. The weather was the first noticeable thing. We did move here in August which did not help. I quit playing outdoor sports. Struggled to do triathlons which I previously enjoyed doing. Many people mention cycling being dangerous here....that is so true. Ive had several friends get hit by drivers. I have family that come to visit that refuse to come anymore. My grandparents finally moved here after 5 years of us begging them to but complain regularly about how ugly it is here. Almost all of my coworkers including my husband are transplants from other cities. My husbands family won’t visit either, I don’t blame them. There is nothing to do once you have visited once or twice. We live inside the loop and have ran out of things to do. And don’t tell me to move around...I have. I have lived in Clear Lake, The Woodlands, Conroe, Read More

Undesirable Houston - 4/19/2019
I have found this city to be the most disappointing city in the US. After I have lived and worked as a professional in 18 major cities in 16 different states, I have never seen a more racial city than this and I am a straight white male. White Texans hate everyone, especially Caucasian transplants who are not from Texas. The hatred and discrimination towards other races is unlike anywhere else in the US. Terribly low wages and high cost of living. The weather is the very worst in the US by far. Very unattractive city as far as scenery. 60 miles to the gulf and it too is a total cess pool from all of the oil and shipping. No way to enjoy it. Education is very poor. I love the US and have enjoyed every other place I have ever lived until here. It is a very dirty city with the worst of the worst roads, and sidewalks with the traffic being worse than LA, NYC and Boston. I would not consider Houston if I were a business or an individual and to look elsewhere. Sad to say but Read More

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