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Star Rating - 1/11/2018
The worst thing about Boston is that it is so expensive. And you know why? Supply and demand: people want to live here. I don't understand all the bad reviews. They all sound like sour grapes to me. Boston is an absolutely beautiful city with plenty to do and far fewer of the problems that plague the country's other big cities, most notably violence and crime. We also don't have the nature-related problems that spoil some of the country's other places--earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, hurricanes, floods. Cold and snow? You bet, but you're not going to die from them. But it is expensive and we do have quite possibly the worst public transportation system in the world. Thank goodness Boston is entirely walkable. For you sour grape reviewers: go away, we don't need you here. Otherwise, welcome to one of the nicest cities in the world.
Rob | Melrose, MA
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Driving an hour plus in snow commuting into Boston and its outskirts these past 4 winters has me convinced I need a new job search parameter. I've had it! Sure, the low crime rate is nice. But it's not the best city to work in anymore, and I could never afford to live within 40 minutes of it. The commute is what really kills it for me.
sari | North Attleboro, MA

He obviously grew up there, hence the reason he tho is the public transport is bad, whereas the fact is that it's of the best cities in the US for public transport. Bostonians born and raised don't seem to realise that.
Joe |
- 5/15/2019
I rated "Just Okay" because Boston did offer a few things that other cities didn't. The sc...
Kris | Tulsa, OK | No Replies

- 4/23/2019
Boston Is Not For Everyone
I've lived in Boston 11+ years. Pros: history; Victorian and Colonial architecture; healt...
C M | Boston, MA | No Replies

- 2/22/2019
i went there on a vacay and it was awesome...
jordyn | Newton Falls, OH | No Replies

- 3/13/2018
Not for me
I don't know how many stars are displayed on this web page but I rated Boston just one sta...
Tom Paine | Fayetteville, AR | 4 Replies

- 2/7/2018
Historical, culture,
Very convenient to get around by foot.. car traffic is more difficult. Top on historic, pr...
Robert | Milford, NH | No Replies

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