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Star Rating - 5/15/2019
I rated "Just Okay" because Boston did offer a few things that other cities didn't. The schools are good, the public transit is OK and it's proximity to NYC is a winner. Other than that, I wasn't totally charmed about it. I don't understand why people refer to Boston as being a "Major city". It's obviously NOT. It's a medium sized city camouflage to look like one. I couldn't believe how fast your business got around there. The jerks being rude towards outsiders for reason whatsoever because I'm from the south. At least southerners aren't a bunch of arrogant idiots. I found it judgemental, arrogant, boring and intolerant towards American native-born blacks and Latinos. By 10pm everything closes the public transit shut down. Crumbling infrastructure, horrid traffic, bipolar drivers, not enough food and restaurant choices. On Sunday, nothing is opened at all or it opens after 12pm. I'm assuming Boston intolerance towards minorities born in the US is due to it being a "Sanctuary city". Fine. I wouldn't waste my time living in a city that wants to be NYC, boring, racist and so left wing it rejects diversity. There's other liberal but conservative city that offers more nightlife, diversity and culture. I think Chicago, Austin, DC, Seattle and even Atlanta is more accepting and offer more entertainment. Boston isn't worth it
Kris | Tulsa, OK
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By diversity you mean more Blacks. Diversity keeps cohesion at bay.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse
- 10/3/2020
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