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Boston gets a bad reputation
Star Rating - 8/2/2019
I grew up 25 miles outside of Boston and currently live about an hour north in New Hampshire. Boston definitely isn't for everyone its crowded and expensive, it can be difficult to navigate (though I find the non grid layout to be part of its charm) and people are generally in a rush. It has a reputation as an unfriendly city but in my travels, I've always found Southern US cities to be unfriendly, I think it has more to do with where your from. In the South I have had people try to pick fights with me over the Civil there's that. The MBTA is fairly reliable as far as public transportation goes, though it shuts down too early. As far as cities goes its relatively safe. There is a ton of history to explore, if your a history buff you'll enjoy it. We have all the major sports (Patriots are outside of town), a good music and arts scene and plenty of Parks (the Emerald Necklace is 1100 acres of interconnected parks). We have top tier universities and hospitals. Boston is very compact, 48 square miles, compared to other cities (Jacksonville is 747, Nashville is 475, Indianapolis is 361) so I think that's why some people don't consider it a major city, which is foolish. It does snow which seems to bother outsiders but it's New England so it is what it is. All in all it's not perfect but I still find it more enjoyable than plenty of other large cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia or St. Louis.
B | Belmont, NH
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This comment made me laugh. I'm a native southerner, that did live in Boston for some time and everyday that I lived there, idiots picked fights with me. The implication that southerners are untamed inbreds is ludicrous. So many northerners, move south to escape their own politics but call us hillbilly's.... Laughable
Kris | Tulsa, OK was a drunk guy in North Carolina apparently he was a reenactor, he disliked my Red Sox and asked me if I was from up North. When I told him yes he proceeded to tell me that his "great-great granddaddy used to kill Yankees like me". Being the smart-ass that I am I told him "probably not like me Slackjaw." Then he started to rant and rave and his buddies took him away and said this isn't the first time he's done something like this. Swear to God true story it was just so weird.
B | Belmont, NH

Dude. Really? Guys picking fights with you over the civil war? Where the h3ll were you? How did that play out? Civil War Provocateur to you - "Hey Yankee! The south will rise again!" "You're lucky my drunk pregnant girlfriend is here. Otherwise we'd be fightin." How close am I? Nobody uses the civil war to start a fight unless they're playing trivial pursuit. Geez
Russell | Richmond, TX
- 8/6/2019
Boston is great? Think again.
I was born and raised in Boston, the only good thing about this place is the money, if you...
Stephen | Boston, MA | No Replies

- 5/15/2019
I rated "Just Okay" because Boston did offer a few things that other cities didn't. The sc...
Kris | Tulsa, OK | No Replies

- 4/23/2019
Boston Is Not For Everyone
I've lived in Boston 11+ years. Pros: history; Victorian and Colonial architecture; healt...
C M | Boston, MA | No Replies

- 2/22/2019
i went there on a vacay and it was awesome...
jordyn | Newton Falls, OH | No Replies

- 3/13/2018
Not for me
I don't know how many stars are displayed on this web page but I rated Boston just one sta...
Tom Paine | Fayetteville, AR | 5 Replies

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