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Orlando is a city full of jerks a**holes and loser - 4/26/2017

This is a terrible city- the good reviews are by losers themselves, the only idiots who will condone this awful place. The city of orlando is full of rude people, people who have NO sense of manners, personal space, and energy vampires. I recently went to jacksonville- just for a few hours- it was like a different planet. The chick fila I went to- everyone was so nice and kind- and i mean GENUINELY nice. In orlando- they're all passive aggressive and crazy rude usually. I didn't know how to react because living in the horrible city of orlando, these awful sick people will mess with you who are and not let you be happy or a real human being. I was in a bathroom somewhere and this girl sort of beat me to the paper towels but she made a funny comment about it- i just laughed because again im like..where the f*ck am I?? these people are not only NORMAL but they're actually like happy people and friendly. In orlando, all you find are passive aggressive angry psycho people- really Read More

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Orlando is a bad place with bad people - 3/5/2017

First off, the only way to know what orlando is really like is to live there. If you visit it seems like a great place. Once you move there then the truth really gets you. The city itself is alright- it's the people and the culture and attitude of these idiots there that makes it such a crappy place. Unfriendly rude angry bitter jerks live there. it's full of mostly 'losers' or ghetto thug type angry males and people. People with ugly souls and no conscience losers rejects live in orlando. Inferior people live in orlando. These people have no talent ambition, they are average plain weird inferior and pathetic human beings but these weird average inferior idiots think they are better than everyone else and are so arrogant rude. It's worse than any kind of LA you can imagine- it is really the worst city out there. Imagine inferior lesser educated dumber, less competent, rude, arrogant, ugly untalented jerks thinking they are better than you- that sums up the scumbags of Read More

Orlando is the worst city on the planet - 3/3/2017

Its a horrible city and the reason why- most of the people of that city are just sociopaths. Angry bitter rude jerks and losers. If you're not a sociopath like them they will harass and abuse you- that's how it is in orlando. Ive been living in that hellhole for 15 years, and in 15 years you know what- I managed to make ONE friend. How crazy is that? I'm a likeable personable friendly person and attractive, but that's what the idiots of orlando hate- people with talent, beauty, intelligence. I made more friends in another city in ONE day than I did in orlando in 15 years. There are nice people in orlando but they'll never be your friend, and then you're left to deal with all the weirdos and psychos there.

The people of Orlando are really robotic and soulless. I'm a female who lives on my own. Not a single of my neighbors have EVER tried to be friends or even say hi to you. Even if they like you- they'll never talk to you. One guy did talk to me ONCE lol many Read More

Always something to do in Orlando - 1/27/2017
I grew up in Orlando, relocated for school at The University of Florida, and have since returned and I am currently working on buying a house in the Orlando area. I love Orlando because there is always something to do. The area has tons of cool town centers to explore like Winter Park, Winter Garden, and Downtown Orlando. There is always an event or festival going on during the weekends, and I love visiting my local farmer's market on Saturday mornings. The area is also a popular stop on show tours including music, broadway, the circus and more, so it is easy to find entertaining events to attend on the weekends. I highly recommend Orlando for any young professionals looking to get plugged-in to local Read More

I would not recommend Orlando to most. - 1/6/2017
Unless your a tourist Orlando, Florida is one of the worst cities you could possibly live in especially if you are a young adult trying to establish yourself. Florida in general can be a hard place to thrive outside of retirement or vacation but Orlando in particular is just not a great set up. The biggest problem here is the locals, you will not meet angrier people anywhere else...well maybe Miami. Due to high stress levels from the traffic, lack of paying jobs etc. and not to mention the high volume of felons and rejects from other states, locals seem to be in survival mode and ready for any confrontation. The education system here is a joke and I believe ranked one of the worst in the state. Traffic is always pretty heavy especially downtown and toward the theme parks but there are worse places for traffic. Because the city grew so quickly especially after 2000 the road layouts are poorly designed causing gridlock just about everywhere you go. If you have aspirations of Read More

A truly disgusting place-hot, flat, ugly suburb of - 1/1/2017
1) a complete joke of a downtown with no shopping and awful restaurants 2) crime rampant everywhere
3) worst climate in country-too hot to do anything outside 300 days a year and 95 or higher several months of the year.
4) a Florida city without a beach
5) transient population of people attracted to theme parks
6) no Read More

The good, the Bad and the Ugly of Orlando - 12/14/2016
Like any place, Orlando has pros and cons. As someone who grew up in Brevard County (just outside of Orlando) and lived in O-Town for 4 years, I humbly believe I can adequately break down Orlando's great and not-so-great aspects:

In recent time, the job sector has grown in many areas.

Orlando is a true melting pot, which means a diverse level of culture..and restaurants! This is particularly so with Asian and Latin American (excluding Mexican). Areas like Mills 50 have some of the best Vietnamese and Thai restaurants you will find anywhere.

Recreation is abundant in Orlando. Though the fun areas are spread out, there are many bars, restaurants, fun activities for kids and families, adults, etc....whatever your group consists of. There's of course Disney, Downtown has a nice concentrated night-life, and Winter Park is a great place for the fancier types.

Each neighborhood has distinct characteristics and are unique from Read More

Ibn Seena Academy - 11/3/2016
Ibn Seena Academy is great school in Orlando. Teachers and staff members are so caring and willing to help with anything they can. Very friendly environment. My children love this school and this is the prove how well Ibn Seena Academy is working with our children. Tuition and other fees are very low and affordable comparing other Islamic schools in Orlando. Overall awesome school, if you have a child choose Ibn Seena Academy and you will not regret it! Thank you for opening and running such a amazing Read More

Yeah, it's real, real, bad. - 10/26/2016
First off, native Floridians are for the most part wonderful people. Central Florida however is full of people from the North East corridor, and the slums of Americas mid west. I used to think that Central Florida was some giant fenceless prison somehow created by the shadow government where the countries nastiest, least sophisticated sociopaths were somehow secretly herded for eventual purging but then how did I become one of them?
The truth is far less sinister but still the truth. It is a melting pot and cultural differences lead to conflict and stress. Central Florida is also a very poor place, and poverty, scarcity can and does bring out the worst in people.
Why so poor here? Wages are low. Because Disney sets the bar everyone has to "Limbo". The vast majority of people here make 10 or less an hour. Cost of living is comparable to the rest of the country. Houses are still "cheap" but rents are very, very, high unless you want to live someplace where you are afraid to Read More
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Orlando: a melting pot of jerks - 11/8/2015
Orlando, Florida is a place where people move to because they hate snow. As a result, you're seeing the worst of humanity from places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and the beacon of bright light known as the Northeast.

People in Orlando are rude. Very rude. I have lived in many major cities and towns all over the U.S., and this town has issues. It's not unusual to drive down I-4 (the only major highway servicing this town) and have somebody cut you off without a turn signal or refuse to let you over after you've utilized yours. It's normal to make a transaction with a cashier without her even making eye contact with you. In fact, you could probably get through an entire day without a smile here. Southern hospitality? Ha!

The population here is low-brow due to low pay and terrible schooling. After a while of living here, you will no longer be shocked to see a Confederate flag being waved on a huge truck with a gun rack on the back. The KKK is Read More

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