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My thoughts on Boston - 10/3/2020
I live in this city for 10 years, i am 15 now. Boston is not a great city to live in. It's expensive, has a terrible quality of life, bad weather, the sky and atmosphere is ALWAYS grey and empty, EVEN in the summer. There is a lot of racism and discrimination especially towards Asians, as from my experience. There is also a lot of gang related activities. Most schools are great but MANY public schools have dumbass kids who just doesn't care about their future and just want to be gangsta and ghetto. The city is old, dirty and has grass and mold growing out of buildings and houses. The road and sidewalk is filled with cracks and bumps, and is unbearable for skaters like me. Read More

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Boston is great? Think again. - 8/6/2019
I was born and raised in Boston, the only good thing about this place is the money, if you have a great job. Other than that, the weather sucks, people are rude, people are racist, and it is not a pretty city. Schools are great, only if you can afford it. It’s a fairly clean city except maybe the more urban areas.

I give Boston one star because after all these years, it hasn’t gotten better. If you’re not white it’s sort of difficult to move up professionally. At least for a minority, you have to constantly be in a defensive mode because racism is alive and active here. Read More

Boston gets a bad reputation - 8/2/2019
I grew up 25 miles outside of Boston and currently live about an hour north in New Hampshire. Boston definitely isn't for everyone its crowded and expensive, it can be difficult to navigate (though I find the non grid layout to be part of its charm) and people are generally in a rush. It has a reputation as an unfriendly city but in my travels, I've always found Southern US cities to be unfriendly, I think it has more to do with where your from. In the South I have had people try to pick fights with me over the Civil there's that. The MBTA is fairly reliable as far as public transportation goes, though it shuts down too early. As far as cities goes its relatively safe. There is a ton of history to explore, if your a history buff you'll enjoy it. We have all the major sports (Patriots are outside of town), a good music and arts scene and plenty of Parks (the Emerald Necklace is 1100 acres of interconnected parks). We have top tier universities and hospitals. Boston is very Read More

Overrated - 5/15/2019
I rated "Just Okay" because Boston did offer a few things that other cities didn't. The schools are good, the public transit is OK and it's proximity to NYC is a winner. Other than that, I wasn't totally charmed about it. I don't understand why people refer to Boston as being a "Major city". It's obviously NOT. It's a medium sized city camouflage to look like one. I couldn't believe how fast your business got around there. The jerks being rude towards outsiders for reason whatsoever because I'm from the south. At least southerners aren't a bunch of arrogant idiots. I found it judgemental, arrogant, boring and intolerant towards American native-born blacks and Latinos. By 10pm everything closes the public transit shut down. Crumbling infrastructure, horrid traffic, bipolar drivers, not enough food and restaurant choices. On Sunday, nothing is opened at all or it opens after 12pm. I'm assuming Boston intolerance towards minorities born in the US is due to it being a "Sanctuary city". Read More

Boston Is Not For Everyone - 4/23/2019
I've lived in Boston 11+ years. Pros: history; Victorian and Colonial architecture; healthcare quality and options; cultural and economic opportunity; smart people move to Boston; Liberals move to Boston. Cons: provincial (the people who were born and raised); orthodox (intellectually and imaginatively less open in approach and view than the west coast); visually congested and thickly settled (few vistas/open spaces); the Charles River divides the city (it's not fun getting from one side to the other); driving (drivers are sloppy and the roads screwy with really poor signage); winters (when the snow piles up during a bad winter, it gets claustrophobic and ice is treacherous); people are less friendly than just about anywhere else in the USA.  Read More

history - 2/22/2019
i went there on a vacay and it was Read More

Not for me - 3/13/2018
I don't know how many stars are displayed on this web page but I rated Boston just one star. Frankly I don’t know why anybody would want to live in the Boston area unless they’re rich and grew up here. In the United States alone there are a number of elite universities outside New England. The weather is miserable and cost of living is among the highest in the world. I wouldn't go near Boston unless you make or will make at least 100K to 200K a year. Rent here is two or three times what it is in most cities, similar to New York or San Francisco. On the other hand maybe you’re reading this because you’ve got wealthy parents and you plan on going to Harvard (actually in Cambridge), so cost doesn’t make that much difference to you. There is probably a greater tolerance for LGBT persons and certain minorities compared to elsewhere in the US, although I’m not really a minority myself. Boston and vicinity seemed very crowded to me, but then again I grew up in American suburbs, not a city. Read More

Historical, culture, - 2/7/2018
Very convenient to get around by foot.. car traffic is more difficult. Top on historic, preservation, like walking back in history. North End, Haymarket Square, Boston Common, Public Garden, MIT , Read More

Ya know what? - 1/11/2018
The worst thing about Boston is that it is so expensive. And you know why? Supply and demand: people want to live here. I don't understand all the bad reviews. They all sound like sour grapes to me. Boston is an absolutely beautiful city with plenty to do and far fewer of the problems that plague the country's other big cities, most notably violence and crime. We also don't have the nature-related problems that spoil some of the country's other places--earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, hurricanes, floods. Cold and snow? You bet, but you're not going to die from them. But it is expensive and we do have quite possibly the worst public transportation system in the world. Thank goodness Boston is entirely walkable. For you sour grape reviewers: go away, we don't need you here. Otherwise, welcome to one of the nicest cities in the Read More of the 10 most overrated cities _USA - 2/20/2017
Absolutely......Boston's an overrated clannish dung heap....Nice to visit sure but....The thing about Boston is there are really two Bostons...One where the deified spawn of privilege, the luckiest 1 percent of the world's population among us can send off their little progeny to attend any of the 80 or so dilettante schools - in short for those that can piss away about $250,000-$400,000 for an piece of paper- and the rest who are more representative of the country as a whole -who in turn live in the poor southern sub sections.....Dorchester, Roxbury, Matappan....where they dutifully stay to themselves and for the most part stay in their place - and so far don't cause much fuss in the whiter areas...they know their place. There's no comparison between NYC and Boston....the former being a truly world class city- where talent and hard work usually go rewarded no matter your pedigree or lack thereof whereas Boston's a flake's paradise...where who you know is far more important than Read More

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50 River St
Bed 4 | Bath 4

699 E 4th St
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352 Marlborough St
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237 Marlborough St
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856 Beacon St
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17 Louisburg Sq
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8 Loring St
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