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Old Albuquerqueans do not want you here - 4/25/2019
PLEASE DO NOT move to Albuquerque. We DO NOT WANT more of you from California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and many other states. You have ruined our city and have jacked up our cost of housing. You DO NOT really appreciate our culture and our beautiful, rich centuries old culture. Instead you appropriate our culture for monetary profit while displacing us to God knows where in the bad parts of town while looking down on us as colonizers when gentrification is a form of COLONIZATION. Hypocrites. Respect us or leave or better yet, don't come here in the first Read More
Mary | ,  | Reply | 17 Replies

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Corrupt, miserable dump. - 3/7/2019
Been stuck here for over a decade. Miserable, corrupt, crime ridden S***hole. Terrible schools, unresponsive, openly corrupt government, not jobs outside of the limited federal sector, idiotic sprawl-encouraging housing developments (Mesa del Sol, Santolina) subsidized with taxpayer dollars to put in infrastructure for what have turned out to be boondoggles, while the center of the city rots. Large parts of the city (e.g. South Valley) are no go zones where M13 and other gangs are the law. Despite the racist tone taken by some commenters, at least 50% of the crooks in government are white, like our former mayor, Berry, who destroyed the economy of one of the few viable neighborhoods (Nob Hill) with a stupid bus project, using federal anti-poverty money, that is presently nonfunctional and does nothing but further snarl traffic, but he and his wife got paid, that's for sure. Present government seems to say the right things but is ineffective and has done nothing to fix much of Read More

One scary city. - 3/6/2019
This is the most dangerous city that I have ever lived in. Crime is everywhere, 24/7. 4th most violent city in the entire country, number one in auto thefts, lord only knows how many car jackings, robberies, assaults, murders etc. Things get swept under the rug, and many things just go unreported my our esteemed police dept (who are still under a federal oversight program resulting from past policies of shooting first and asking questions later). I first came to the city in 1985 and thought I knew where the bad areas were.....wrong! It's almost the entire city that is under assault. As if that wasn't enough, the population of tweakers, heroin addicts, crazies, dangerous felons, etc is uncountable because it's so high. I do love the light, and the Frontier restaurant is a state treasure, but that isn't enough to keep me here. People are uneducated and not very friendly either, and if you dare to mention the crime they look at you like they don't know what you're talking about. That Read More
steve | ,  | Reply | 5 Replies

Good place to travel through, but don't stop - 1/26/2019
I've lived in the Albuquerque vicinity for 25 years and the city has really gone downhill. It's horrible now with rampant crime, both violent & property. People will steal anything and you really don't walk around town without being able to protect yourself. It's a shame because the city really has a lot to offer in the way of things to do (Bio Park, hiking trails, etc). However, knowing what I do now, I'd keep on driving through!  Read More

Don't move here. - 1/12/2019
I have lived here my entire life 50 + years, the crime has gotten out of control and it is time to Read More

Albuquerque don't like it here feel free to LEAVE - 9/20/2018
I'm a native New Mexican and I love this place it's home I've never lived anywhere else sure we have some problems but doesn't everywhere the city does need to deal with the homeless problem cuz it's getting really bad there are a couple areas that are rough neighborhoods but again you're going to run into that anywhere you go over all it's a great place to Read More

Warning! Abort! - 8/9/2018
I've lived here for 6 months and I cant wait to get out! There is nothing vibrant here except the sun. People all look like they have desert face, being in the sun too long without any moisturizer. There is nothing to do here. This city is not only economically poor but ignorance is rampant. Try having an educated conversation with someone. The locals don't talk to you, no one cares about their appearance, and the biggest thing here to do is go to the Bio park or the Sandia Mountains. If your retired and like to sit around and do nothing, this place is for Read More

Better than my last places - 7/28/2018
I just moved here from Yucaipa, California, and Fontana, California. I actually love it here. It is better than the last cities. I have recently graduated USMC bootcamp, and it has a lot of places I can afford. For now I can stay with a couple of friends. I now live in a great area, near Los Altos Park and the highway. Honestly this is a better place than my old Read More

Sad Place Overall - 7/18/2018
Moved to Albuquerque in 2009 as a military family and finally left in 2017. It was seven and a half years too long! I have lived all over the world and never encountered such unpleasantness not to mention crime, like I have in Albuquerque, & that even includes some of it's "above board" middle to upper class residents. Never have I met such hardened, unfriendly, classless, & underhanded people! The rates of poverty, crime, as well as substance & alcohol abuse are out of sight! I realized in order to survive there & deal with the riff raff, so-called "normal" folks become jaded like the riff raff. That's not to say it isn't a beautiful city and I loved how the city has invested in a fabulous Children's Museum, Botanical Garden, and arts & culture. However, beyond that, Albuquerque rates below in education, high in poverty, and corruption. I would not recommend living or visiting their for any extended amount of time. When your city's best claim to fame is a t.v. show based Read More

Worst place I ever lived - 7/18/2018
We lived in Albuquerque from 2009-2017. Its a long story, but we ended up there through my husband's military career. Due to the cost of living and it's close proximity to my family in West TX, we thought it would be a great place to settle. We didn't completely love it at first but then it grew on us a little, however that didn't last. Never have I encountered more rude, hardened, clannish, classless people. That's not to say everyone in Albuquerque is like that. The arts and culture scene is pretty vibrant there. And it has tremendous potential to be a great city, but it just can't attract business or industry. Part of Albuquerque's problem is it's poverty and a corrupt govt. This contributed to a seedy culture of crime and high rates of drug & alcohol abuse. Finally, the straw that broke the camel's back for us was a murder (a random drive-by) in our middle to upper class NE Heights neighborhood. This could happen anywhere, but I'm afraid w/all our other complaints re: Read More

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1804 Sunset St SE
Bed 4 | Bath 3

5 Circle Dr NE
Bed 4 | Bath 3

9944 Radcliffe Rd NW
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10000 Erlitz Dr NW
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10107 Elmhurst Dr NW
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10531 Napoli St NW
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7215 Rockwood Rd SW
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